Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Tidbit Truth

We all have those little things about us that make us different. Here's a "Tidbit Truth" you may not know about me....


My Mama and my sister pick on me about not wanting to go outside and trim bushes, water plants, dig something up and move it over there, mix potting soil for new pot plants, etc. Seems like they get so much satisfaction about getting sweaty and dirty and hunching over or kneeling in the dirt. Yuck.

My Mama asked me why I didn't like yard work. I told her I hate getting dirty; hate dirt under my fingernails; don't like sitting or kneeling in dirt, and honestly don't know one little thing about plants, bushes, trees, or flowers. The most important thing I hate about yard work are the BUGS! Bugs, spiders, jumpy things, creepy crawling things all give me the willeys.

Mama thought it would be funny then to send me a gift. One of my daughters goes to visit my Mama, Daddy, Sister, Brother's family... they all live next door to each other on family land about 45 minutes from us... So every Thursday I take Kati to her Aunt Melody's and she stays there until Sunday night. She loves it!

So, about that gift from Mama... She thought it would be a real hoot to send me something home with Kati a couple Sundays ago. See picture below.

hahahaha Very funny. I'm sure they were all just a-snickering about it back home.

Actually, I did end up using them yesterday. My husband is screening in our front porch and our azalea's were creeping through the porch railing onto the porch. So after I removed all the porch vertical thingies (sorry, not a carpenter either), I used one of Tom's tools to chop off the limbs that had gone a little to far onto the porch so that he can get the screen up.

I'll post a little later about our front porch renovation.

I would love to hear a "Tidbit Truth" about you!! Please leave a comment and tell us something we don't know about you.

Have a Wonderful Wednesday!


  1. Oh my gosh Janis, I can soooo relate to you! LOL! I am NOT a gardner. I do LOVE the look of beautiful flowers and a well kept yard. But Oh my goodness do I ever NOT want to be the one to do it. I've also got a terrible black thumb. I believe I could even kill a plastic plant! LOL! Thanks for a fun post! Have a great day!

  2. Don't get me started,please ;)

  3. LOL! I'm so glad I'm not the only one who doesn't do yard work!