Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Library Books Waiting To Be Read

I went to the library today!  So much fun.

When I go to the library, I'm not looking for that perfect book to read next, I'm just looking for books that MAY be good to read next.  I always grab a bag full, and rarely do I ever read every book I bring home.

I'll read the synopsis on the back or inside front cover.  Look at the book's cover artwork, and if it looks fun or interesting, I always open it up to see what the pages are like.

I HATE deckle edged pages.  They just bother me.

If the print is small or the margins are small, I put it back.  I'm not going to to strain my aging eyes on small print. And I hate books that don't have a generous enough margin  on the spine side.  Nothing worse that having to practically fold a book backwards just to read the words toward the spine on a page.

I picked up a book today.  The cover was amusing.  The synopsis was interesting.  But when I opened it to see the pages and the print, it reeked of cigarette smoke.  Nope.  That one went right back on the shelf.  And if you smoke, I have no problem with that. I just don't want to have to smell it when I'm reading in bed, that's all.  :)

I was reading The Magicians, this week, but had to put it down.  I can handle some cuss words now and then.  I'm not so pure I can't read those words.  And I must say, sometimes when my husband says, "WTF?" (and you know he doesn't say the initials there), I just bust out laughing because it's always in a jesting manner, never a hateful or angry one.  But, The Magicians, took the Lord's name in vain, and I just can't read that.  I cringe when I happen to hear someone say it.  I'm certainly not going to choose to read those words.

I'm sure this post so far is just fascinating to you and that you'll sleep better tonight knowing so much about my library experiences.  LOL  Just letting you peek inside this little life of mine a bit today.  Another piece to the puzzle we call, JANIS.  hahahaha

So, here's what I grabbed today at the library.  Not sure how many will make "the cut" this week reading.  We'll just have to wait and see.

Gone 'Til November by Wallace Stroby

The Unbearable Lightness of Scones by Alexander McCall Smith

The Box by Richard Matheson

Blame by Michelle Huneven

Scary Stuff by Sharon Fiffer

The Brightest Star in the Sky by Marian Keyes

The Yada Yada Prayer Group Gets Down by Neta Jackson

Kingdom Come by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins

Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister by Gregory Maguire

Two of these books are part of a series.  The YadaYada Prayer Group is book 2 of that series.  I've read book one and it was really good.  Kingdom Come is part of the Left Behind series, and I think this is the only one I haven't read yet.  I read all those other books so many years ago, I hope I don't have any trouble catching back up again with who all the characters are and such.

I hope everyone has a very fun Wednesday and a great day tomorrow!

Go read something,

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Paper Doll Dress Up: SUMMERTIME

OK, so I know it's not really summertime yet. Heck, it's not even springtime feeling here yet, but I am so looking forward to warm sunshine and days outside that I just had to make a summertime card.

Card base is light blue from Value pack pre-scored for easy folding!
(I swear, I'll never run out of this Value pack of cards. I can't believe how it just lasts 
and lasts and lasts.  No matter how many cards I make, 
I still seem to have a huge stack to choose from the next time.
 I'm so glad I bought these!)

Background paper from K & Company cut @ 5 1/4" x 4"
All Cricut cuts were using Recollections paper packs
All adhesive used was Scotch Photo Splits (love these things!)
Cricut Cartridge: Paper Doll Dress Up
(I told you this cart had TONS of cuts on it other than just the paper dolls!)

Tree on page 73 cut in dark green @ 3"
and shaded with green and brown (for trunk) with Stampin Up chalks

Grass on page 78 cut @ 1"
and shaded with dark green chalk from Stampin Up

Water on page 78 
(I think it's actually a cloud cut, but I thought it looked like water too)
cut @ 1" and shaded with dark blue chalk from Stampin Up

Canoe on page 60.  Now this is important: 
Canoe cut @ 1" on REAL DIAL SIZE and
shaded with brown chalk from Stampin Up

I know, I know, I didn't cut out the oars, but they are available to cut on that same page.

Now, go have some fun today!

Paper Doll Dress Up: PRINCESS

I was catching up on Mary's videos, and just loved the Princess card she did.  Of course I had to give it a try too.  You can see her video by clicking here (Cardz TV).
 Card base from Value pack pre-scored for easy folding!
Background pink paper from stash
Background blue paper from Recollections - Pastels
Cricut cartridge: Paper Doll Dress Up
I used Mary's measurements which are:
Castle on page 47 cut in gray @ 2 1/4" and
highlighted with gray and pink chalks from Stampin Up
Grass on page 78 cut in green @ 1" and
highlighted with green chalk from Stampin Up
Princess on page 47 cut @ 3"
Crown covered with Opal glitter glue
Clouds made by dabbing a Cat's Eye White Stamp pad randomly
Dress and shoes highlighted with pink and purple chalks from Stampin Up
NOTE:  I actually couldn't figure out how to get her shoes over her feet without any of the foot showing at odd places, so this poor princess had her feet snipped off and I attached the shoes 
with Zig 2-Way glue pen to the underside of her dress.

And what's going on in your world today?

Monday, March 29, 2010

New Arrival: Froggie Time!

I made 18 cards today!
I figure hey, 
1) I'm out of cards because I've been mailing more than I'm making lately
2) If I'm going to have my Cricut out and the paper loaded, I might as well use the "Auto Fill" option and have it cut as many as it can on that sheet of paper
3) It really doesn't take much more effort to make several cards that are just alike than it does to make 1 or 2 (assembly line style)

So.... there you have it.
I'll use word or phrase stickers in the small blocks beside each froggie on the cards.
And YES!  I got to use my Googlie eyes again!!  Man, those things last forever!  I still have tons left after making 18 froggies with them.  :)

Card base from Value pack pre-scored for easy folding!
Background papers from K & Company's Life's Tapestry cut @ 5" x 3 1/4"
Cricut Cartridge: New Arrival
Froggie page 116 cut @ 2 1/2"
Auto-Fill on 8 1/2" x 11" paper cut it 18 times (Yeeee-haaaa!)
Scotch Photo Splits and Zots used to adhere everything
Stampin Up chalks used to outline mouth and give rosy cheeks

I found a tupperware-type box at Fred Meyer a couple weekends ago (it was labeled "shoe box storage").  It's actually made by Sterilite.

My cards fit perfectly in there, and I can see through the box.
I was using a filing cabinet drawer to store my made cards into files like "New Baby", "Congratulations", "Summer", etc, but it was too tight to see what I had.  I like this see through box MUCH better. 
And since I like to organize so much (I know, it can be a problem), I'll probably make some tab dividers that say things like:
New Baby
Happy Birthday
Get Well

So what did YOU do today?

Hoppy Easter!

Good Morning, Monday!

I had fun, weird dreams last night.... um.... did you expect anything different from me?  LOL

I dreamed my husband, Tom, had tattos put all over his chest that were blue mazes outlined in silver.  They used Chameleon Mirror ink..  Hmmmmm, I think I just invented something.  :)

Here's a cool YouTube video of a chameleon changing colors.  You've probably seen it before, but it's still cool.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Whiskey With A Twist

This is one of the books I picked up from the library this afternoon.  It's called, "Whiskey With A Twist" by Nina Wright.  It's a "Whiskey Mattimoe Mystery."  Well, the artwork on the cover sure looks fun. :)

Random quote from the book, found on page 40:

"I finally surrendered my determination not to check my bedside clock and gazed in horror at the blue digits screaming 3:44.  Had I slept at all?  Maybe warm milk would help.  If I had any.  In a few hours I was due at work, where nothing much would be happening.  The Abra the Bad Example and I were off for a full weekend of Afghans and Amish."

I'll let you know if it holds my interest, or if I put it aside and grab another library book from the stack.  :)

Friday, March 26, 2010

New Makeup

Second post today - scroll down to read "Dear So and So" Letter.

I received my new makeup yesterday from HSN!  I love Signature Club A makeup!  I used to wear this years ago and when life took over, I just started buying cheap-o stuff to get by with from the grocery store.  I was thrilled to order what I really love again from Signature Club A.

This time, I did get something a little different.  In the past I used baked, dry makeup.  But since my wrinkles and puffiness around my eyes are so intense at this time in my YOUNG life, I decided to go with "stick" makeup that has Vitamin C in it.

I know none of this is really earth shattering or that you will sleep better tonight knowing all of this, but I do get excited about the littlest things.  Always have.  And I love getting boxes and envelopes in the mail.  I ordered it on Sunday and got it yesterday.  That was fast.  I love the way it feels.

Just wanted to share. :)

Dear .... Letter

Dear Thunderfoot,

I realize you live in the apartment directly above me.  I understand that you moved in less than a month ago when the nice, elderly, retiring cardiologist moved back to the lower 48.  But do you have to thunderfoot your way around your apartment?  Are you "angry walking"? Do you just like to stomp back and forth and back and forth constantly?  Can't you get whatever it is you need and sit down for a while?

Completely NOT amused,
your downstairs, quiet neighbor

Thursday, March 25, 2010

New Arrival: PLANE RIDE

No extras, just simple cuts and some stickers.

Card base: Kraft cardstock 8 1/2" x 11" folded in half
Cricut cartridge: New Arrival
Plane and accessories cut at 4 1/4" which was way to big for what I wanted to do on a regular "card size" card.    So I just stuck it on some Kraft cardstock and went with it.
Luggage stickers:  Mrs. Grossman's stickers
"Alaska" stickers from stash

Smiles & Blessings to you today!  Janis

Challenges In Life

Our oldest two children had birthdays this week.  #21 and 22.  Wow.  Am I that old, really?  I don't feel old.  My mind still feels the same as it always has.

I've had some challenges this week.  I wish we lived a life void of challenges and emotional struggles, but no sense in pretending they don't exist.  Jesus even told us not to be surprised by what life throws at us.  "In this world you will have tribulation, but be of good cheer for I have overcome the world."

I've been listening to Gayle Evers Bible Study on Revelation.  It's one of my favorites, and I listen to it over and over again.  Last night and this morning while listening, she was talking about suffering - suffering that is God initiated, and suffering that is satan initiated.

Basically she teaches that if you are suffering at the hands of God, He always forewarns you of a sin in your life that you need to repent from or suffer the consequences of that sin.  And sometimes it's not our personal sin, but a collective sin of a nation or peoples, or place we live in.  (Examples: Sodom & Gomorrah; Israel into slavery in Babylon)

If your suffering is satan initiated, it's because satan must have access to us due to our free will and our ability to choose to curse God or trust God through the suffering.  Review Job.  Satan had approached God complaining because God had blessed Job and put a hedge around him and complained that in essence God wasn't giving Job a choice.  So God gave satan some access to Job.  Thankfully, Job did not curse God and in the end, God multiplied his blessings once again.

So, in light of this, I have to think about this week and where my suffering may be coming from.  I picture myself crawling up on God's lap and curling into his arms and asking Him to please protect me, and give healing to our hurts - emotional and physical if needed.  I say I trust God.  I want peace through this storm even though the winds, waves, and thunder crashes around me. This will not go on forever.  I remind God He has promised me that all things work toward good for those who love the Lord.  My suffering will not be in vain.  There is a purpose, a strengthening, a refining, a lesson, a blessing.

In this instance, I will not fly off the handle making demands.  I will not try to smooth over and please everyone involved.   I will not try to hold down the waves and ripples that crash around me encouraging me to give in to the drowning.  I will not suffocate through the gusty wind that stings and takes my breath away.

Instead, I will sit at Jesus' feet. I will wash his feet with my tears and dry them with my hair.  I will lay down at the throne of God.  I will wait.  I will see what God's hands do.  I will not drown.  I will not suffocate.  I will release any demand of my own control over the situation.  For God's plans are better than my own.  His ways are better than my ways.  His thoughts are higher than my thoughts.  He sees the whole picture; I see only a part.  I will wait.  I will watch.  I will see the miracles of God.  I trust in Him.  I will live out that trust right now in this situation.  I will wait.  I will be at peace knowing my God is God of all things and there is nothing that He can't handle and work toward my good.  He is able.  Nothing is impossible for Him.

"But when the kindness and love of God our Savior was shown, he saved us because of his mercy.  It was not because of good deeds we did to be right with him. He saved us through the washing that made us new people through the Holy Spirit.  God poured out richly upon us that Holy Spirit through Jesus Christ our Savior.  Being made right with God by his grace, we could have the hope of receiving the life that never ends.  This teaching is true, and I want you to be sure the people understand these things.  Then those who believe in God will be careful to use their lives for doing good.  These things are good and will help everyone."
~Titus 3:4-8

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Library Books Waiting To Be Read

So here's my latest list of library books just waiting for me to dive in.

This book was selected based solely on it's looks.  LOL  I often choose books based on their covers. :)
There Be Dragons by Heather Graham
Cook The Books by Jessica Conant-Park & Susan Conant
September Fair by Jess Lourey
All Shall Be Well; And All Shall Be Well; and All Manner Of Things Shall Be Well by Tod Wodicka
No Doors, No Windows by Joe Schreiber
Down By The River by Robyn Carr

I have about 5 more pages of "When Autum Leaves" by Amy S. Foster.  I've liked it.  It's full of magic and things ordinary people can't explain.


WW End of Week 4

Alright, so I'm not losing as much as quickly as I'd like, but I know what the problems are, and I'm focusing on making a bigger difference.

At the end of Week 4 I'm down a total of 3.4 pounds and 1/2 an inch from my hips.  Hey, it's progress, and I'll gladly take it.

I know I need to exercise more, so that's on my "must do daily" list.  I'm very proud to say I walked for 30 minutes today outside in the snow and wind.  :)

How is your week going?

Monday, March 22, 2010

Weekend Review

I'm going to share tons of pictures with you from our weekend adventures.  It's just barely snowing outside today.

Saturday we took a day trip along the Kenai Peninsula down to Soldotna.  SOOOO fun!

Sunday we went to a local park - Kincaid Park.  Tom, Bonnie, & I walked 4 miles!  And that wasn't even the entire trail!!  Our airport here is a very busy cargo hub, so at one section of the trail near the airport we saw cargo planes approaching for landing about every 2 minutes.  We saw lots of Moose poop, but didn't see any moose walking around.  LOL

One funny story from Sunday.... Bonnie picked up a handful of snow and asked if she could take it home.  Tom told her sure.  But then she tried to put it in her pocket, so I told her no don't do that it would melt and make her wet and cold.  So she told the snowball, "Love you too!  Bye!"  And threw it as hard as she could into the wilderness.  She is so fun!

Hope everyone is having a great Monday!