Tuesday, March 23, 2010

WW End of Week 4

Alright, so I'm not losing as much as quickly as I'd like, but I know what the problems are, and I'm focusing on making a bigger difference.

At the end of Week 4 I'm down a total of 3.4 pounds and 1/2 an inch from my hips.  Hey, it's progress, and I'll gladly take it.

I know I need to exercise more, so that's on my "must do daily" list.  I'm very proud to say I walked for 30 minutes today outside in the snow and wind.  :)

How is your week going?


  1. for a moment there I thought it clicked back to my blog.....nice background you must have changed it recently also!
    I had to get the butterflies too!
    looks more like spring.
    anyway congrats on the loss, baby steps and permanent is best!.at least that is what I hear.

  2. My fave workout motivation tip - leave a book at the gym! I LOVE to read, and I usually can't put a book down until it is done because I just HAVE to know what is going to happen next. So I used to leave a book at the gym so that I had to go there to read it. I would read on the treadmill or bike. It got me going WAY more that I would have of my own accord. Keep it up girl! :)

  3. Keep it up Janet you will find out what it takes for YOU.
    I have been cutting way back and lost about 4 pounds ,I need to get up and move though!