Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Dear .... Letter

Dear Library Patron With No Regard to Other Patrons,

Why, old man, must you sit with your chair backed up against the shelf exactly where the books are by the author I have made this special trip to the library to browse?  

Why, old man, are you sitting in the ROMANCE section?  Ewwwww

Why, old man, must you sit there, leaned back in your chair as a 7th grade boy in class, with a paperback in your hand blocking the shelf I want to browse?

Why, old man, are you not wearing a hearing aid to acknowledge when I say politely say, "Excuse me" with a smile on my face so you'll get the heck out of my way?

Why, old man, won't you move?  

Must I use my foot to ever so slightly kick the back leg of the chair you are leaning back in and knock you on your rear?  No, I'm too nice.

You, old man, frustrate me.  And get out of the women's romance section.  Ewww.  

Frustrated Library Patron


  1. LOL I knew I could count on you!! Nice pic, btw. :)

  2. Love the Letter....It made me laugh, but I'm sure it was very frustrating.

  3. Hey, Joyce! It actually wasn't all that bad. Since he wouldn't move or acknowledge my presence and that he was blocking an entire shelf, I decided to pretend he wasn't there and leaned over his shoulder looking and touching books. He probably enjoyed it, the dirty old man. I figured if he wouldn't get out of my way, I'd get in his bubble and maybe he'd take a hint. But he didn't. Maybe he was asleep with his eyes closed. LOL