Sunday, March 14, 2010

Blog Award

I received this Blog Award from Blue6366 at "My Little Spot of Sanity".  What an honor.  It sure did make me smile from ear to ear.  Thank you so much.  You're suppose to tell 7 things about yourself and then pass on the award to 15 more, but I've never been one for following the rules to a T, so I'll just tell you 7 things I did this week and then pass this on to those who gave me a huge smile this week.  How's that sound?

7 Things I Did This Week:

1.  Finished 8 jigsaw puzzles

2.  Mailed 5 cards to birthday friends / family

3.  Made homemade Reese's cups (yummy) & homemade M&M cookies

4.  Started 3-4 books, and then put them down because they were BORING, or full of vile language, or otherwise not worth wasting my time. :)

5.  Started Jude Deveraux's "Return to Summerhouse" last night and read 136 pages before setting it down to go to bed.

6.  Had my usual very weird dreams.  One night I was an Indian slave girl with war paint, feathers in my hair, grass skirt, no top, and about to be burned alive, but I threw the bad guy in the flames instead.  One night I  woke up feeling eyes were staring at me through the darkness, my heart was pounding and I was on the verge of having another night panic attack, but I made it through.    I'm telling you, if a pysch doc ever got hold of my dream journal, they would declare me insane.  :)

7.  I enjoyed watching the snow flutter down from the sky.  It gives me such pleasure and peace to watch it snowing. It's like a miracle every time.  On Tuesday we got 15 inches.

OK, so now that I've told you a little about my week, I'll pass this along to the people who gave me big smiles this week by leaving me sweet comments, by just being my friend, by letting me know I'm missed when I'm absent, and just for being the wonderful friends they are.

1.  Mary at Cardz TV
2.  Mo at Stamping with Mo
3.  Juls at The Glitter Chick
4.  Joeygirl86 at Scrap-Making
5.  Blue6366 at My Little Spot of Sanity ( I know she's the one who gave me this award, but she did make me smile)
6.  Carol at Carol's Cards
7.  Janet at Artopia

Have a great Sunday!  Smiles to you all!!  Janis


  1. Thank you so much for the award! I like that you did it your own way.

    The Reese's cups and the cookies sound yummy....and eight jigsaw puzzles in one week!!!!!

  2. How very nice of you, that make 2 this week for me... it is not hard to say nice things to nice people, It does take a lot of energy to do the opposite (so I have been told).
    that last book sounds like a winner,
    136 pages in one night, wow!
    take it easy and have a great day!

  3. That's so sweet of you,thanks! I'm glad I made you smile! :)...I love watching the snow fall too...but hate shoveling it!lol!