Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Project Life Scrapbook Pages 1 & 2 for Week 13

Short post today - here are my pages for Week 13 (last week) to be added to my scrapbook. Don't forget to pop over to Bimini Moose and link up your scrapbook pages (any style).

See you tomorrow!
:) Janis

Monday, March 30, 2015

Celebrate Spring

Hello all my bloggy, crafty, scrapbooking, card making friends! I have a flower garden card to show you today. The papers are roughed up a little just so it won't have such clean, defined edges - because that would be boring on every project. LOL

Enjoy your week!
:) Janis

Fusion Card Ch
PINspirational Ch

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Hey Chickie

Happy Palm Sunday to you! Can you believe we are just a week away from Easter? I know some Grandkids who are expecting some Easter Bunny goodies at our house next week. I better go talk to the Easter Bunny soon!

Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy the rest of your day.
:) Janis

Freshly Made Sketches
Alphabet Challenge
If You Give a Crafter a Cookie

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Week 12 - Page 3 of my Project Life Scrapbook

Here is my 3rd and final page from my scrapbook from Week 12. I have so much fun scrapbooking with Project Life!

Thank you so much for visiting with me.
Enjoy the rest of your week!
:) Janis

Friday, March 27, 2015

Week 12 - Page 2 Project Life Scrapbook Page

Hi! Here is page 2 of my Week 12 Project Life Scrapbook page.

If you are scrapbooking (Traditional style or Project Life pocket style), link up your pages over at Bimini Moose. Just click here! We'd love to see your scrapbooking style.

See you tomorrow for my last page from Week 12!
:) Janis

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Project Life Scrapbook Layout - Week 12 Title Page

Hi, everyone! I'm excited to show you my Title Page for my scrapbook from Week 12 (last week). I did more journaling this time, and printed my photos a little bigger. Let's get to it!

  • Title Card Week 12 - PL Project 52 Title Card digital set & a date stamp
  • Sil ID# 76886 - Nested Journaling brackets
  • Miss Kate Cuttables - Look What I Caught - fish and can of worms
  • Cardz TV Stamps - Just Saying
  • KaDoodle Bug Designs - My Little Artist - paint splat & girl artist
  • KG Ray of Sunshine - Font for journaling 
If you are scrapbooking (Traditional style or Project Life pocket style), link up your pages over at Bimini Moose! We'd love to see your scrapbooking style.

See you tomorrow for another page from Week 12!
:) Janis

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Keep on Keepin' on

I normally don't double post, but sometimes I can't wait to share a project with you! If you are looking for today's Weight Watchers Wednesday post, CLICK HERE or just scroll down to previous post.

Today would be a great day to ride a bike! Tom rode his motorcycle to work this morning, but I guess that's a little different. LOL

Enjoy your day!
:) Janis


Weight Watchers Wednesday

Happy Wednesday, everyone, and welcome back to my Weight Watchers Wednesday online blogging journal.

One of the reasons I write my diet journal on my blog each week is because I want to share with you the good, the bad, the ugly, the triumphs, the setbacks, the surprises, the discouragements, the successes..... in other words, I'm just a regular person.  I don't know any secret shortcuts or have any personal trainers, etc. I'm not athletic. I don't take diet pills. I'm trying my best to be diligent on the Weight Watchers program so that I can lose weight. I would also enjoy not getting out of breath so easily when going for a walk, or carrying boxes up and down the stairs. My true motivation is, I want to be thin like I used to be. I remember those days. I remember that I could wear any outfit and know it would fit right. I remember going shopping and not getting disgusted in the fitting room. What is your motivation?

How did you do last week on your weight loss journey? Want to comment with any success you had - on and off the scale?  I'll start.

  • I exercised more - every day in fact (yay!)
  • My pants are sagging more and more each week (yay!)
  • I made better food choices (I did have seconds one day for lunch, but stayed within my point allowance)

Here are my Monday weigh-in results & stats:
203.4 start
188.6 weigh-in
-1.2 for the week
-14.8 since the start

There you go. I wish you all success in your journey and would love to hear from you about what works for you, and what you have learned doesn't work. Feel free to leave me comments on my posts or private message me on Facebook.

Enjoy the rest of your day.
:) Janis

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

What's Up, Doc?

This always reminds me of watching Bugs Bunny as a kid. "What's Up, Doc?" It's also one of the sentiments on Mary's Cardz TV Stamps, "Easter Punnies." I love using it on my projects.

I think that rabbit in overalls is so cute!
Enjoy the rest of your day.
:) Janis

Submitted to:

Friday, March 20, 2015

Birthday Card

Fast and simple birthday card to show you today.

How easy is that? Super simple, but cute. 
:) Janis

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Backyard Barbeque

Welcome to Thursday! A couple of weekends ago we had some with the kids and grandkids comeing over for a Backyard Barbeque. (I wish all the family could have come, but some were working and some live out of state.)

I decided to find out what happens when Traditional Scrapbooking and Project Life collide. Here is my completed page:

I love how this turned out! The mustard and ketchup bottle fit perfectly in the 3x4 pockets width-wise, and I love how they just continue on up hanging out of the top of the pocket. That adds a little interest to the page, don't you think?

Mary's Cardz TV Stamps are so fun to use on all my crafting. For this project I used:

  • You're the Man (King of the Grill)
  • Country at Heart (Hey ya'll & Country Cookin')

Other products used:
Want to see some Xyron step-by-step photos?

Run title through Xyron

I go around the edges with my bone-folder
to make sure I don't have any stringy glue
when I peel the top layer off.

Peel off top layer.

Perfection. Easy Peasy. So much better than trying to use liquid glue.

Thank you all so much for stopping by today. You have no idea how much your comments mean to me. Enjoy the rest of your day! I hope it's a good one.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Weight Watchers Wednesday

Welcome to Wednesday! So who wore Green yesterday for St. Patrick's Day, and who risked getting pinched? LOL

Hahahaha - I don't think it works that way.

Monday was my 7th Weigh-In day (not counting the first day I weighed in before I started). It was also the first time I didn't lose at least a little something. Let's get right to it. Here's what the stats are for this week:

203.4 start
189.8 this week
+ 0.4 gain this week
-13.6 total loss

Not horrible. Not ideal. According to Weight Watchers it's completely normal to have weeks now and then when you gain. I think that now that my body has fully adjusted to my new eating lifestyle, it may be more challenging to continue to lose every week. Which is why it's time to start a regular exercise routine and not just when I feel like it. And that sucks. I hate exercise. LOL But I want to be successful, and I don't want another week of no loss, so my goal this week is to walk every day even if it's just around the block or with my Weight Watcher's DVD at home. The weather has been so pretty though, there is no reason for me to not get outside and walk a little everyday.

How are  you all doing? I've heard from some of you that you have joined or re-joined Weight Watchers or trying another similar program. GOOD FOR YOU! I'm proud of you. We can do it! Here are some things to think about this week & how I'm handling it...

  • What are you doing this week for exercise?
    • walking (baby steps - no P90X for me!)
  • What are you snacking on that keeps you away from the chocolate and chips?
    • Mmm chocolate Hershey Kisses.... FOCUS... fruit & Fiber One low point snacks
  • Are you eating every few hours to keep your blood sugar from dropping and your metabolism going strong?
    • Yep - trying to eat every 3-4 hours so I don't get so hungry & my blood sugar drops to the point I'm shaking and have a headache. I've even put a few snacks in my purse for the days I'm out running errands and am gone longer than expected so I am not tempted to think the Wendy's Drive-thru is the best choice. Don't get me wrong, I love Wendy's. I just don't think it needs to be a weekly habit.
  • Are you drinking lots of water during the day?
    • I sure didn't last week. I let too many Diet Cokes replace my water intake. So this week, water first, Diet Coke later as a treat, not a main source of liquid.
Too many times last week I waited too long to eat to the point I was either shaking from low-blood sugar, or just famished and wanted to over-do my portions. Why do I put myself in those situations? There is no reason to do that to myself. I don't want you to do that to yourself either. Let's be smart about this new lifestyle of eating and exercise. We've lived for years doing things the wrong way which got us where we are today. If we want to be somewhere else, we have to change something. Stay focused. Stay on track. Remind ourselves what our goals are. Remind ourselves that we are strong. We are able. We can do this. We ARE doing this! 

If you are a list maker, like me - make a list of your menu for the day including snacks, and stick to it. If you are hungry, but you just ate an hour ago, check your list and tell yourself I'll have this snack right after I finish doing these things (laundry, paying bills, running this errand, finishing that report, etc.). Keep yourself occupied and busy. Busy people aren't feeling deprived of food because they are busy focusing on doing other things.  Just sayin'. I'm really telling myself this more than I'm trying to convince you of it. I love it when I'm busy and have a long to do list. Time flies, and I don't think about NOT getting up to have that chocolate, and NOT going to the kitchen to grab a cookie, etc. I do what I have to do and when I'm done check the clock. If it's near a snack or meal time, I SKIP to the kitchen and eat without guilt because I know that meal or snack is right on schedule and I'm doing good for the day. Yes, I pep talk to myself a LOT. 

In closing, I'm SO PROUD OF YOU! I'm CHEERING FOR YOU! The hardest part is STARTING. The initial weight loss is EXCITING. We have to stay FOCUSED and stay the COURSE. Don't give up now because you feel you deserve a little treat. A Little treat is fine. The extra weekly Weight Watcher points are designed for just that. But don't turn A LITTLE treat into slipping (not counting points or not staying within portion size). Stay focused. Think of yourself in that cute shorts outfit or bathing suit this summer, and keep on staying strong and staying true to your goals.

As always, feel free to leave me comments on this post about your weight loss journey or private message me on Facebook. I'll see you all back here next Wednesday for Weight Watchers Wednesday.

Have a great week!
:) Janis

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Project Life Layouts from Week 11 (last week)

Hi, everyone! I just finished my scrapbook pages for last week and can't wait to show them to you! If you like to scrapbook too, remember you can enter your layouts over at Bimini Moose!

Not a lot happened in our world last week........... EXCEPT......... we signed the paperwork for our new house on Wednesday! Woo-Hoo! So thankful, happy, and excited.

I hope you enjoy seeing my photo pages this time as much as I enjoyed printing out the pictures and arranging them in the Project Life pockets.  So many flowers budding or blooming. I love it!

Top Row:

  • Digital PL File from Project 52 Title Cards
  • Date stamp for dates of that week (Monday - Sunday)
  • Saturday Truck load to lake house - rainy rainy rainy - we ended up doing a lot of errands on the way like going to Lowes and choosing / buying paint colors for the main living area on the first floor (kitchen, dining, breakfast nook, living room, etc). I love the colors we picked out!
  • Sunday's truck load was much heavier - all the wood and supplies to get the dog fence started, plus other items
  • Last picture - me holding the ladder steady while Tom sees how far up he can reach for painting those tall ceilings. You won't catch me up there. No way. No how. Uh-uh.

Middle Row:

  • Keri, Kevin, Kati & Wayne came over Saturday. It's always fun to have the girls & families spend some time with us.
  • Kati & Wayne turkey hunting. They didn't get one. They never even saw one. :(
  • Tom, Bill, & Tim all working on the posts for the new fence. They got all the posts up which was not an easy task. Roots and rocks seemed to enjoy getting in their way. Next weekend - time to start building the walls of the fence.

Bottom Row:

  • Title card printed from Project Life Digital File "Playful."
  • Title card "TODAY" from PL Plus One Kit.
  • First picture of our babies they are helping me pick out paint colors. They love laying on top of each other like they are bunk beds. Next one is them soaking up the sun on the deck. Last one is of my sister-in-law, Connie, with her grandkids - Cooper is in her lap, and Kaleb is sitting beside her. Kaleb ended up falling off the deck. Good thing he can swim, but what a shocker of the cold lake water! Poor guy. (He's 6). 

Everything is budding or blooming! I LOVE IT!

Overview of flower page:

  • Our Pear Tree in the backyard in North. The doggies love eating pears that fall on the ground, but I don't guess we will be here for that this year.
  • The 2 daffodil photos and the one on the bottom row below it are my attempt at a photo mosaic which is the Bimini Moose Optional Twist for this challenge.
  • Heart card from PL Plus One kit.
  • Froggie in birdbath
  • Cardz TV Stamps "Think Spring" set used for sentiment
  • XOXO card from PL Plus One kit

More Signs of Spring!

Top Row:

  • Camilla bush at lake house
  • Filler flower card printed from digital file PL "Playful"
Middle Row:
  • Star card from PL Plus One kit
  • Rose Bush buds & Azalea Bush Buds at house in North
  • House filler card from PL Plus One kit
  • Daffodils at lake house
Bottom Row:
  • Dogwood Tree flowers at lake house. These flower petals are gorgeous with just a hint of pink on the tips.
  • Some kind of Red flower tree at the North house. I have no idea what it is, but it's pretty.
  • More flowers at the North house. I don't know the names of these either, but they look very delicate and shy.
Thanks for visiting me today! I know this was a long post, but I couldn't wait to show you all the SPRING popping out all over the place. I love flowers!

See you tomorrow for Weight Watchers Wednesday's post.
:) Janis

Monday, March 16, 2015

Get Your Happy On

Hi, everyone. Welcome to a brand new week. Hope it's a good one for you!

I love running some of my scrap papers through the Cuttlebug with metal dies.

  • Cardz TV Stamps - Mixed Messages (NEW!)
  • Hearts created with metal dies from My Creative Time
  • Buttons from Stash
  • Tag is punch from Walmart
Easy Peasy.
See you tomorrow.
:) Janis

Sunday, March 15, 2015

There are Angels among Us

Hi, everyone! Seems like I've been needing to mail a lot of cards lately to different people for different reasons. Here's one I made to send as a little encouragement to someone having some rough days.

I love using Mary's Cardz TV Stamps on my projects. 
  • Cardz TV Stamps - Heavenly (new!)
  • Divine Swirls embossing folder
  • Sequins from stash
  • Foam tape for dimension attaching cloud and rising sun
  • Sil ID# 41039

Simple design, but I love how it turned out.
Enjoy the rest of your day and weekend.
See you next time.
:) Janis

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Birthday Girl Layout & Facebook Co-Hop Info

Hi, all my crafty, scrappy, bloggy friends!  Today is the second day of a FACEBOOK CO-HOP I'm a part of. Have you ever hopped along in a Facebook Hop? It's pretty cool. You click on a link that takes you to a Facebook page, check out their project and details on how to win a prize if they offer one, then click on the provided link to go to the next Facebook page on the hop until you reach the end.

This Co-Hop is with KaDoodle Bug Designs (cut files store) and Bimini Moose (scrapbooking challenges site). So you will see all kinds of different types of projects on this hop all using cut files from KaDoodle Bug Designs.


I'm pretty excited about it! Bimini Moose will be giving away a Becky Higgin's Project Life Card Kit. It's the Amy Tangerine Plus One Edition. I have that kit and love it. Maybe you'll be the winner!

Click HERE to go to the Pause Dream Enjoy Facebook Fan Page to hop along for a chance to win this fabulous prize and others from other stops on the hop.

The Co-Hop post will have all the info and links to get involved and qualify for prizes - including the one Bimini Moose is giving away!

Here is the list of prizes to be given away!

  • 2 - $25 KaDoodle Bug Designs Gift Cards 
  • $40 Peachy Keen Stamps Promo Code
  • Cricut Lover's Guide to DS Group... Cricut sticker paper, Cricut printable vinyl & a   $25 KBD gift card
  • Prettygrafik Gift Shop... $20 Gift Certificate
  • Virginia Turtle Stamps - KBD Beary Sweet stamp set
  • Bimini Moose -  Project Life Amy Tangerine's Plus One Edition card kit 
For TODAY's project for this Co-Hop, I decided to make a Birthday GIRL Layout for my daughter who turns... well let's just say she is also in her upper 20's.  I went through some old photos and had a terrible time trying to narrow down the number of photos I wanted to use! There are so many cute ones.

Products Used:
Thanks for stopping by today! Be sure to comment on my PAUSE DREAM ENJOY FACEBOOK FAN PAGE for a chance to win the Project Life Amy Tangerine Plus One Edition card pack!