Monday, August 31, 2009

No, I Didn't Make This Card

Isn't this card fab?!! I wish you could see it in person. This photo just does not do it justice. Her little wings (have I mentioned today that I love fairies?) are colored with some sort of pearl paint or something.

This is a card from Dawn over at Crafty Ramblings. It's the first piece of mail I've ever received from SCOTLAND! We swapped some Cricut cuts for some Cuddlebug embossed papers and she stuck this card in the envelop too with such a sweet message.

Don't you just love making new friends through Blogging? I had no idea how many nice people I would meet! I love opening my mailbox and finding fat envelopes in there! I get so excited!! And I always share my goodies with my Mama. She loves to craft too, but doesn't have all the gadgets and gizmoes. Ummm.... well, actually, I don't either. That's why it's so nice to be able to swap with others. It's such a joy and a treat for me to send packages and receive them.

I hope everyone is having a grand day. I found our Video camera over the weekend. (Don't ask why I even had to look for it.) It hasn't been used since last century. I charged the battery all night and set it up on the tripod this morning and attempted to make a video. LOL I think I must not of hit the RECORD button hard enough because it's not on the tape! LOL

Then I discovered the wire I need to connect the video camera to the computer is not in the bag. errggggg! So I guess it doesn't matter anyway. I'll look for the wire, but honestly... it's not looking too hopeful right now.

I have an extremely busy week ahead. YEAH! We have a lot of exciting things going on that I may be able to blog about in a week or so. It's killing me not to talk about it. :) But today, Bonnie and I are going to the library (her fav thing to do) . When we get back I have to find that wire... and no idea where to begin looking. And we have tons of appts and errands to run the rest of the week.

Friday we are going camping!!!!! I'm so excited! We will be staying in a cabin again in the mountains. Tom's brother and his wife will be in the cabin beside us. And this time our oldest daughter, Keri, is going and also staying in a cabin up the hill. She's really starting to show now! I'll post an updated pic of her and her growing baby belly at some point.

Ok, enough jibbering..... Have a great day! Hopefully I'll be posting my FIRST VIDEO later today.... if I can find that wire..... (if you say a prayer for me in finding it, I don't think God will mind.) :)


Friday, August 28, 2009

Pumpkin Card

How about a pumpkin card for today? It's a little plain. It needs something else, but I don't know what yet. I'll figure it out later, or I may just leave it like it is.

I love making pumpkin cards! They are so easy!!

I used to use an oval punch for the pumpkin, but now I use the Cricut cartridge Plantin Schoolbook to make the ovals. Much, much faster! I pieced 3 ovals together to make the pumpkin; added a stem using Cricut cartridge Walk In My Garden grass stems and voila!

The swirly design (grass stems in pumpkin patch) was made with Cricut cartridge Home Accents.

I used a Sharpie pen to "stitch" around everything. Sponged the edges with Close to Cocoa Stampin' Up ink pad.

The card is Stampin' Up cardstock and the mat is from DCWV Old World Mat Stack.

Have I mentioned yet that I love Fall, October, and Pumpkin cards? :)

Hugs! It's a GREAT day today!! Do something FUN!!


Thursday, August 27, 2009

Kati's Crumble Cake

I just had to post this picture. It's just too cute!

This is our daughter, Kati, a sophomore this year in college. She recently rented a house with another girl who is also a sophomore. Kati asked me if I would get her a chocolate cake mix and icing when I bought her groceries over the weekend. Of course I didn't mind.

We have always been a family who loves baking cakes. When the girls were little (about 10 years old) and they would have friends sleep over, their thing to do was bake a cake. Usually this was a big deal because most of the friends they had sleep over had never done this on their own before. My girls were always baking cakes (yummy!).

Kati sent this picture to me and Tom yesterday. I had to call her laughing and asking "What happened to the cake? Daddy wants to know if you put it in the blender?" LOL

She just laughed and said they used a rectangle pan and then sliced the thickness of the cake in half. (I don't know why in the world they thought this would be a good idea.)

When they added the icing and then put the 2nd layer on top... they realized they didn't wait long enough for the cake to cool and the cake started sliding from the icing melting. LOL She said they kept pushing it back up.... I don't think it helped.

Kati said the good news was it tasted delicious even though it look disastrous.

How fun. I'm so glad they are enjoying college, their new rental, and using the kitchen. At least I know they won't starve!

I'm thinking I'm definitely going to add this pic to my next Shutterfly order. This is most assuredly a scrapbook page!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Today has been quiet and lazy. I spent a lot of time on the porch doing a Bible Study by Beth Moore... Esther, and I have fought sleep all day. I don't know why I'm so tired all the time lately.

I just threw this card together. Simple and fun.

The image was actually a google search for free coloring book images or color pages. I colored it with my Crayola markers and Crayola crayons.

The card base is DCWV textured cards, baby blue.

The papers are from DCWV The Stack 6 and My Mind's Eye Everyday Tango.

Ribbon from stash.

I guess I need to get my fanny in gear and get in the kitchen. Our son is due in about an hour or so from California. He's coming home for a visit now since he is leaving for Iraq for a 12 month duty (Army) in a couple of weeks. { Prayers are appreciated. :) } He is expecting spaghetti and meatballs for dinner. OH! And he said, "Please not wheat noodles. Get the Angel Hair noodles instead." So, what's a mom to do? Angel Hair noodles it is.


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Lovey Card

I took this picture outside in the shade, so the colors are not nearly as vibrant as they really are. I love this layout! I saw that Sue used this layout. Check out her card here. I just fell in LOVE with this design, so I thought I'd give it a go. This layout originated from Inspirational Card Sketches. Click here to go to their webpage and see their designs with this layout.

Recently I received a surprise in the mail. Unexpected and such a blessing! Boni sent me a stack of various papers and 2 full sheets of stickers... just for no reason! I've never gotten a surprise like that in the mail! I felt so LOVED and so blessed! Thanks, Boni! Click here to go to Boni's blog.

I used those papers and stickers to create this layout. The scallop was made with Cricut Cartridge Plantin Schoolbook. The tag is crimped (from my stash drawer). Ribbon from Michael's. Letter "L" from Cricut Cartridge Plantin Schoolbook.

Are you feeling the LOVE? I'm feeling it!

All the elements and the edges of the entire card were sponged with Stampin' Up's Rose Red.

Thank you for all the LOVEly comments you guys always leave me! They really fill up my LOVE bucket.

Please remember to leave a link to your blog or photo if you use this sketch! We all want to see what you create!

Have a LOVEly day! We are off to Weight Watchers in a little while. (I don't think the scale is going to show me any LOVE today.)


Police Chase, Anyone?

Late afternoon yesterday, after Tom got home from work, I was cooking Tacos for dinner and he said he was going to go sit on the porch and see what all the excitement was about. I shall interrupt myself here to clue you in that my hearing is not all that grand. So, when he said he's going to go sit on the porch to see what all the excitement was about, I didn't have a clue what he was talking about. But he was hearing a lot of police sirens. A few minutes later he opens the front door and yells, "Janis! You gotta see this!" By the time I got to the front porch, all I saw was a police cruiser fly by our house and take a quick right turn on the road on the other side of our neighbor's. Here's the whole story: There was a man in a white car running from the police. They did a couple of laps by the house and the road one row over. The guy running took out our neighbor's mailbox to the left of us. Then he turned down the road on the other side of the neighbor to the right of us. He pulled into the yard behind our neighbor's fence, got out of the car and ran to the woods and fields behind our house. The cops followed / chased him on foot. Tom came inside and got one of his guns out and searched our back yard, shed, storage area, all the places someone could hide from the cops. The neighbors on both sides of us were doing the same in their backyards. The cops never caught the guy. But the good news is, they know who they are looking for and that he lives at his girlfriend's house which is the house behind our neighbor. Hopefully they will catch up with him and be able to take care of business soon. The stupid reason all this excitement happened..... are you ready for this..... all because the guy ran a stop sign. Can you believe that? He must have had a good reason to drive like a maniac and run from the cops.... or he's just an idiot.... oh wait..... there is no good reason to run from the cops. I would have loved to have seen a K-9 unit out here. That would have been cool! So that was our excitment yesterday afternoon. What's your latest adventure to tell?

Monday, August 24, 2009

Is It Snowing Yet?

Everyone is in Halloween Card Mode and I'm stuck wishing it would snow. LOL I'm always out of sync with the times and
trends. :)

It's been so hot and sticky, I keep dreaming of snow... I don't know why.... where we live it RARELY snows. And when it does it doesn't last through the day.

Oh well, I'm still thinking of snowflakes, snow flurries, snowmen, trees covered in ice and snow.... I mean I can dream, can't I?

Here's my card for Paper Cutz Challenge #5... something that flies.

DCWV black textured card base
DCWV The Stack 6 for the sky
White paper sponged with Stampin' Up's Brilliant Blue for the snow banks & free-hand cut
Mrs. Grossman's stickers: deer, owl, blue bird, snowy tree
"Warm Wishes" clear stamp purchased at Walmart last year stamped in Stampin' Up's Brilliant Blue

Have a great day! (Think SNOW!)

Friday, August 21, 2009

Busy Day

Going to have lunch with a friend today. Lots to do for the Yard Sale tomorrow. I may not getting any crafting done. :(

I hope everyone has a fun Friday and a great weekend!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ends 9-18-09

Click the pic above to go to Priscilla's page to enter her blog candy! Who doesn't need more stamps?! I would love to win this!!

Important Dates Tag Mini Album

Here is a mini tag album filled to the brim with important dates. This was actually Mary's idea. To see her video, click here.

I used DCWV Animal Crackers glittered cardstock. The tags were cut with Cricut cartridge Plantin Schoolbook. The month tabs were cut with the same cartridge with the Roly Poly function. I cut the tags for the mini album at 2 different sizes. Just for fun. No other reason.

The month tabs were cut at 1.5", folded in half and adhered using my Crop-a-dile and eyelets.

I typed and cut out each month's important dates, and included addresses. These are adhered to the back of the tags. There is plenty of room on the additional tag to add more important dates.

This was really fun! All of the tags are held together with a binder ring with assorted ribbon knotted to it. I was going to use a ribbon, like Mary did, because I thought that was so pretty. But I didn't think it felt secure enough for heavy use.

Scroll down to read a short "memory". It may even put a smile on your face or a giggle in your mouth.


With & Without

I'm still working on my tag mini album for important dates to remember throughout the year. Click here to see a wonderful tutorial by Mary. She will also show you 2 different ideas and formats for the tag mini albums (she's so talented!).

While Bonnie and I were walking through the sticky heat this morning, I was thinking about Tom's grandmama, Eva, and a story she told us about when they moved to this little town so many years ago.

Tom's grandparents were named Ashley & Eva. Actually, Eva was born Eriel Zadie, but she didn't like that name so she changed it to Eva in her adult life. (I actually love the name Zadie!)

When Eva was in a Nursing / Assisted Living / Retirement community and she was recovering from an illness on the nursing side, the family was all gathered around her visiting one afternoon.

She told us the story of when her and Ashley moved from Charleston, SC to this little itty bitty town. She said she brought all her dancing shoes and dresses, her cocktail dresses, her evening gowns which she wore at so many occassion in Charleston only to come to this small town and realize she would not have those opportunities here.

Being the sprite she was, her and a local friend decided in her first December to make an occasion to wear these cocktail and dancing dresses again. So they threw a "Welcome to the Neighborhood / Christmas Cocktail Party" to meet her new neighbors.

I asked her if she didn't know anybody, how she invited people. She said they sent out invites to all the people her friend knew in town and the people they didn't know they just put "Mr & Mrs" on the envelope with the address. They mailed out invites to the ENTIRE town!

She said the response was tremendous. Everyone came. Cars were parked up and down the road and side roads. She said for years afterward, people were still talking about the bash.

Eva said that they pushed all the furniture to the walls in the rooms to make room for dancing. They set up a table in the dining room with finger foods and 2 punch bowls.... One "With" and One "Without" clearly labeled. And they had the Christmas music playing on the record player. (Yes, I said record player.)

She said the "Without" needed to be refilled several times. And one lady with slurred speech told Eva, "This 'Without' punch is simply delicious. You must give me your recipe!"

We all thought this was a nice story and the conversation slowly lingered on the details, the guests, how so many people came they were inside the house, in the yard, on the sidewalk.... and how the party didn't want to end until around 2 in the morning or after.

I asked Eva, "So why was that woman's speech slurred if she was drinking the "Without" punch?"

Eva smiled and said, "Because it was 'without'."

I said, "But why would that make her speech slurred."

Eva, in her dry humor sort of way, nonchalantly replied, "Well, because the 'With' bowl was 'With Punch' and the 'Without' bowl was 'Without punch'. "

All of us in her hospital room busted out laughing! The nurses' station probably was wondering what the heck was going on in there!

I said, "Granny! The 'Without' bowl meant 'without' punch?! I thought it meant 'without' liquor."

She laughed and said, "Yep. Everyone did. But we wanted to make sure everyone had a really good time at our party."

I asked, "What in the world did you put in the "without' bowl?"

She said, "Whatever we had. We just poured it in and stirred it up."

I'm telling you, that was the funniest story I had heard in so long. Eva and Ashley are both gone now. But at family gatherings, we still bring up the 'with' and 'without' story. What a hoot!

Magnolia Blog Candy

Magnolia Blog Candy! Oh how I love to see projects with these stamps.... I'd love to win! Click here or on the pic above to enter for your chance to win! Good luck!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Freedom Scrapbook Page

Here's today's scrapbook page!

This is our son, James... always "Jimmy" to me.

He is an Army Man. He came home a few months ago for a short visit. During that time my husband's, Tom's, work was participating in a charity event called "Pull-A-Plane."

Work groups from across the area signed up a team of 20 individuals (I think that' s how many were on the team) to pull a Fed Ex play with a rope. They were timed how fast they could reach the yellow line (sorry, forgot what the distance was they had to pull it).

So Jimmy wears this shirt, "FREEDOM". I love it!

The scrapbook says at the top, "ARMY MAN... Here's James at Tom's Company's "Pull-a-Plane" event. Even when Jimmy is home visiting, he has our FREEDOM on his mind! That's our boy! I mean, Man!

The bottom says, "SKUNKING: The art of sniffing out danger. Jimmy knows hot to sniff out danger... and eliminate it!

Yes, I made the definition up, but hey, I had to do something to tie in the skunk on the page... which is just too cute from DCWV The Green Stack. And yes, I HAD to add googly eyes to him. Every opportunity I get to use googly eyes.... I'm gonna use 'em! Love 'em!

The wonderful black and dark blue textured paper is from LISA. We traded some Cricut cuts for some Cuddlebug papers. I wish I had a Cuddlebug! Check out Lisa's blog by clicking here.
There's a GREAT strawberry card on her post today. :)

Until next time... hugs!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Empty Nest Scrapbook Page

Our nest of 6 is now a nest of 3. Our older little birdies have left the nest to go on and live happy, productive lives of their own. This scrapbook page used DCWV The Green Stack, and Martha Stuart Ribbons. The letters were cut with Cricut Cartridge Plantin Schoolbook. I just LOVE scrapbooking!! The past few pages have been very simple ones, but that's okay. At least my scrapbook isn't so empty now. :)

Monday, August 17, 2009

Siblings Scrapbook Page

Here is a very, very simple scrapbook page I made this afternoon. It's a picture of me with my older brother and sister (I'm in the middle). This was taken in February of this year when our Mama was in the hospital. I think it's the first time in years that we had all been in the same room with both our parents in years. We thought a photo to mark the rare occasion was in order.

I used DCWV The Green Stack for the page and some blue paper from a Walmart stack for the journaling. I didn't mat the photo or the journaling blog. I liked the clean look of the page like this. Sometimes less is more. :)

However...... I just giggled out loud as I added the little googly eyes to the owl. I don't know what it is right now, but I am loving owls. I think owls were "in" a couple years ago. I'm just now getting that fever. I know cup cakes are supposed to be "in" right now, but I'm not feeling it. Feeling the owls though. :)

This is what the journaling block says:

Why is family so important?
Because family won't leave you
when you're down and out.
Family knows all your dirty little
secrets and still they hug you
when you walk in the door.
You can laugh with your family,
Cry with your family,
Fight with them and yell at them,
But in a crisis, you know you can
always count on them.

This is my brother, Eddie
and my sister, Melody.

I'm the baby.
The one that used to always
be in the way. The one that
wanted to hang out with her older
siblings when they thought
I was a pain.

We are all grown now
with families of our own.
We are all so different,
but hold the same things dear.

They never hesitate to tell me
they love me. They ask for my company.
They care about me, my life, my hopes,
my dreams, and my family.

They are my family.
A strong fortress in any storm.

I love them very much.
My Bubba and my Sissy.

Mother Daughter Scrapbook Page

I haven't had pictures printed in ages! I just got my order in from Shutterfly, and I'm finally able to do some much enjoyed scrapbooking again.

You may remember when we found out we were going to be Grandparents for the first time, I scrapbooked a page with our first grandchild's first ultrasound.

Yesterday I scrapbooked the facing page with a picture of me and my daughter, Keri, the day she told us "we" were pregnant.

I used DCWV Once Upon A Time cardstock glittered paper for the purple unicorn piece. The other patterned paper is from DCWV The Stack 6 and the solid purple piece if from a stack purchased at Walmart.

I used my much loved Fiskars punch Treading Water for a couple of the edges.

The speech blurb was cut with Cricut cartridge Plantin Schoolbook. I used the same purple piece of paper, just flipped it for the lighter color.

I wrote a blurb on the computer and printed it with Comic Sans font. It says, "6-15-09 Keri found out she was pregnant with her first child & our first grandchild! Of course I had to make sure we took our picture. We are so very excited that we can hardly stand it! She is going to have a beautiful baby... boy or girl!"

I grabbed some skinny ribbon and threaded that through a vellum tag. The sticker on the tag is a blue and pink rocking horse from Mrs. Grossman's stickers.

Most of the page elements were adhered with Elmer's stick glue. I used Fiskar's photo splits to adhere the photo matting and the whole page creation to my scrapbook page. The ribbon was adhered with Zots (small).

This was a fun page. I never have any idea what I'll end up with. I just grab papers I like and start laying them different ways on the page. I call it "Free Form" scrapbooking. Rules stress me out. I just go with the flow.

And you may remember from before, my scrapbook is NEVER in chronological order. That also stresses me out too. I just do what I feel like and make sure I put dates on the pages. The important thing is to get it done, right?

I hope everyone had a great weekend. I'm looking forward to a relaxing week hopefully doing a lot more scrapbooking.

As always, thank you so much for all of your lovely comments. I just smile when I read them! Please, please include links when you try a similar project to the one I've posted. I would absolultely LOVE to see your projects! Several of you commented or sent me emails saying you wanted to try the 3x3 Cards from the YouTube video I shared that Dawn did. She has such good ideas, and her videos are always so much fun. Please comment again when your project is complete ( or any project) and leave us a link so we can get some good ideas from you too!


Saturday, August 15, 2009

Hello Scrapbook Page

Here is a very simple scrapbook page I did this afternoon. It has a clear page protector on it and is making the page look all shiny and weird in the photo.

This picture was taken after our 2 mile hike to Bridal Veil Falls when camping the last time. (And yes, the 2 miles back was harder.)

I liked using the starry night background page because it reminded me of how we would stay up at night and watch the lightning bugs, bats, laugh, make s'mores, etc.

The paper is from DCWV The Stack 6.

The adorable embossed green piece and saying "hello" is from Lisa who was kind enough to do a swap with me. I sent her some Cricut cuts and she sent me some embossed pages. Love my package I got from her! Be sure and click her name to check our her creative blog!

Lots more pages to do. I'm the kind of scrapbooker that lays everything out, moves things around, tilts things, and about an hour later decide whether I like it or not. My kids laugh at me. I find scrapbooking very relaxing and I don't rush. So doing one page a day or maybe two is about my speed. LOL

Have a great weekend!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Paper Cutz Challenge

Here is my submission for Paper Cutz Challenge #4.

Go see the inspiring artwork by the designers. The challenge says to make a Halloween card, craft project, layout, etc. using anything EXCEPT black and orange. Fun!

I used DCWV Once Upon a Time paper. Love it! The card base (DCWV textured cards) is actually a yucky yellow - not orange. Image from DJ Inkers - Through the Year. Image colored with Crayola markers and crayons.


Safari Boxed Cards

Look how colorful! I just love this idea of a Boxed 3x3 Card Set. If you haven't seen Dawn's video yet, please scroll down to see the instructional YouTube video. This is so addictive!!

Cricut cartridge Walk In My Garden cut the 3x3 square cards and evenlopes.
Paper from DCWV Animal Crackers, DCWV The Green Stack, DCWV The Stack 6, and My Mind's Eye Everyday Tango.

I used pattern paper for the envelopes this time instead of thick card stock, and oh, what a difference... so much better!

Let's see what you create! Please post a comment with a link so we can all go see your creation.

And thank you to everyone who leaves me such nice comments. They really make my day and give me a smile!


My Boxed Note Cards

Whew! Yesterday was a busy day! I just loved Dawn's instruction video on how to make a boxed set of note cards. If you haven't had a chance, scroll down to yesterday's post and watch her YouTube video. It's inspiring!

Here is what I created!

This box will hold tons of cards and envelopes! I made 12 of each and still had room for more.

I did learn one thing through this... and maybe I should have already known it... I used cardstock for the envelopes. I think that was a mistake. They came out very thick. I think thinner paper would have served fine since the sturdy cardstock card itself will thicken the envelope when stuffed.

I used the Cricut cartridge Walk In My Garden to cut:
  • 3x3 cards (easy)
  • 3x3 envelopes (easy)
  • the flower base, bud, and shadow
I sponged the front of the cards and the top of the box with Stampin' Up Brilliant Blue. Instead of dabbing the sponge, I just rubbed it across. I liked this effect. I have a rounded tip sponge and it almost made it look like cloud arches.

I am so inspired by so many other themed sets with this idea. I'll probably be posting some more of these boxed sets soon.


Thursday, August 13, 2009

3 x 3 Boxed Cards

Stamping with Dawn has some GREAT YouTube instructional videos. If you've never watched them, I encourage you to go to her YouTube Channel by clicking here.

I saw this one today showing how to make a 3 x 3 box with lid that will hold 3" note cards and envelopes. I just love this! I've been working on mine this afternoon, but will have to post pics later. I keep getting interrupted by phone calls and life.

Here's Dawn's Video:

My Mom had surgery today so I thought I give her a box of cards she can use as thank you notes.

I used the Cricut cartridge Walk In My Garden to make the 3" square cards and envelopes. So easy. Love my Cricut! Then I made some flowers to go on the outside. I can't wait to finish this project and show you what I did. It's given me so many ideas of different boxes and card "looks" that I can make!

Check back later on and see if I got my creation uploaded yet. Bonnie has speech in a little while, so I have to put all my stuff up for now. I may not get my project uploaded until tomorrow.

Catch up with you later,

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Our Growing Grandbaby

Scroll down for a second post from today.

Here's a little video I made today featuring our growing grandbaby. Precious!

Silly Morning Walk

I thought I'd share some pics from our fun walk this morning. Bonnie loves having her picture made!

Here's a tree we found for sale outside the furniture store. :) LOL

Here's Bonnie at our Fire Department holding up the flag pole.

Bonnie is so funny. She was hugging on this tree while I took her picture and we I was done, she said to the tree, "Thank you," and gave it a kiss. Then she wiped her mouth and said, "Yuk!"

We may be a small town, but we sure do have a lot of churches. Here is one of them. I just love the look of this church. And every time I walk by it I get such a feeling of peace.

Here Bonnie wants you to know 2 things.... Obey all traffic laws and don't even think about crime around here. We're serious about keeping our little town nice and peaceful like.

Bonnie was acting like she was going to turn the water on. Silly girl!

I hope you enjoyed our walk with us around town! We walked 1.51 miles this morning. Yeah!

I'll be posting a video of our growing grandbaby in a little while.


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Wild Card

Here's my silly little Wild Card I made a few minutes ago. I just felt like throwing something together. Not really into measuring or perfectly squared corners. Love this wild paper. It's from DCWV Animal Crackers. The polka dots are all glittery. Fun.

In other news...

I went to my 3rd Weight Watchers meeting today. I always learn so much. Everyone is so friendly and no one "hogs" the attention of the leader.

Bonnie and I sat beside a lady named Ruth who joined the same week we did. Bonnie was saying, "how are you" to her. Of course it sounds like, "hwerooo," all one word. But she tries so hard and I think people understand her mostly. I love it that Ruth was so patient with Bonnie. Bonnie likes to shake hands and sit close and touch your arm.... even if she doesn't know you. Ruth seemed to eat it up like a grandma. :)

The meeting ended with an anonymous quote that really hit home with me. Of course it's meant to be applied toward your eating choices, but I can see how it could range out to other areas of your life.

Here it is:

"Don't give up what you want most for what you want for the moment."

Love it. And that's so true. I need to learn new habits. Like I eat to live, not live to eat.

I printed up a paper and taped it to the front of my frig that says, "Make Smart Choices". I included a list of foods and their points value. And yes, I included things like Krispy Kreme doughnuts right along with the cantaloupe and strawberries.

It's just a reminder that what I eat cost me. And what I may eat in private, I wear in public. (Another quote from today's meeting.)

So I look at the list, compare the points, and ask myself, "Do I really want that for 7 points, when this food for 2 points will fill me up and give my body what it needs?"

Yes, it's a lot of emotion involved in my eating. But I'm working on it. :)

Hope everyone has a GREAT, fun evening. Tom should be home shortly and we are going to sit on the front proch and grill burgers.

(And in case you are wondering, yes, I can have a burger, as long as I figure the points. I have a limit. And I've saved up for my grilled burgers. It's a weakness, and a treat. I love grilled burgers! I've been looking forward to this all weekend! I smartly waited until after I weighed in this morning before having the burger tonight. LOL)

Squeezes and sugar kisses,

Monday, August 10, 2009

Back from Camping in the Mountains!

Hi guys! I've finally gotten caught up on all your blogs since I was away. We went camping in the mountains again and had such a good time. I mean, look at that waterfall! Gorgeous!

Here we are... me and hubby, Tom. He's crazy.

These beautiful flowers were growing up through the rocks at Bridal Veil Waterfalls. It was a 2 mile hike to the falls (and don't forget the 2 miles back!) Why did both ways seem like uphill? I'm so proud of me and Bonnie though that we actually hiked 4 miles and didn't poop out. Have I mentioned yet that my legs are still sore? :)

And we mustn't forget the snake. Why is it everytime we camp, there is a snake involved? And guess what lovely kind this is? None other than a copperhead. Oh joy.

Bonnie had so much fun at the falls and on the 4 mile hike. I'm really proud of her!

We had an educational weekend too. We counted this trip as a school field trip. We actually observed bats overhead in the evening at our campsite. That was way cool. Lightning bugs. Interesting looking mushrooms. Oh, and don't forget the snake! We also visited Ceasar's Head info center and looked at a huge map of the area that was 3-D. Plus they were kind enough to glass encased all types of roaches and bugs common to the area.... nasty.... but Bonnie liked it.

I'ved ordered tons of pictures from Shutterfly this morning so I should be posting some scrapbook layouts with those maybe sometime next week or as soon as the pics come in. I can't wait! I love scrapbooking and have run out of pics to use!

In other news....

I'm working on my mini album care of Cardz TV. I'll be posting pics of that soon. I adore mini albums!

Have a great day!!!!