Monday, August 31, 2009

No, I Didn't Make This Card

Isn't this card fab?!! I wish you could see it in person. This photo just does not do it justice. Her little wings (have I mentioned today that I love fairies?) are colored with some sort of pearl paint or something.

This is a card from Dawn over at Crafty Ramblings. It's the first piece of mail I've ever received from SCOTLAND! We swapped some Cricut cuts for some Cuddlebug embossed papers and she stuck this card in the envelop too with such a sweet message.

Don't you just love making new friends through Blogging? I had no idea how many nice people I would meet! I love opening my mailbox and finding fat envelopes in there! I get so excited!! And I always share my goodies with my Mama. She loves to craft too, but doesn't have all the gadgets and gizmoes. Ummm.... well, actually, I don't either. That's why it's so nice to be able to swap with others. It's such a joy and a treat for me to send packages and receive them.

I hope everyone is having a grand day. I found our Video camera over the weekend. (Don't ask why I even had to look for it.) It hasn't been used since last century. I charged the battery all night and set it up on the tripod this morning and attempted to make a video. LOL I think I must not of hit the RECORD button hard enough because it's not on the tape! LOL

Then I discovered the wire I need to connect the video camera to the computer is not in the bag. errggggg! So I guess it doesn't matter anyway. I'll look for the wire, but honestly... it's not looking too hopeful right now.

I have an extremely busy week ahead. YEAH! We have a lot of exciting things going on that I may be able to blog about in a week or so. It's killing me not to talk about it. :) But today, Bonnie and I are going to the library (her fav thing to do) . When we get back I have to find that wire... and no idea where to begin looking. And we have tons of appts and errands to run the rest of the week.

Friday we are going camping!!!!! I'm so excited! We will be staying in a cabin again in the mountains. Tom's brother and his wife will be in the cabin beside us. And this time our oldest daughter, Keri, is going and also staying in a cabin up the hill. She's really starting to show now! I'll post an updated pic of her and her growing baby belly at some point.

Ok, enough jibbering..... Have a great day! Hopefully I'll be posting my FIRST VIDEO later today.... if I can find that wire..... (if you say a prayer for me in finding it, I don't think God will mind.) :)



  1. beautiful little the sparkle you have added!

  2. I'm praying you find that wire Janis! I WANT TO SEE YOUR VIDEO!!!

  3. Thanks for taking part at my 'summer candy'! Good luck!

    Saskia :)