Friday, August 14, 2009

My Boxed Note Cards

Whew! Yesterday was a busy day! I just loved Dawn's instruction video on how to make a boxed set of note cards. If you haven't had a chance, scroll down to yesterday's post and watch her YouTube video. It's inspiring!

Here is what I created!

This box will hold tons of cards and envelopes! I made 12 of each and still had room for more.

I did learn one thing through this... and maybe I should have already known it... I used cardstock for the envelopes. I think that was a mistake. They came out very thick. I think thinner paper would have served fine since the sturdy cardstock card itself will thicken the envelope when stuffed.

I used the Cricut cartridge Walk In My Garden to cut:
  • 3x3 cards (easy)
  • 3x3 envelopes (easy)
  • the flower base, bud, and shadow
I sponged the front of the cards and the top of the box with Stampin' Up Brilliant Blue. Instead of dabbing the sponge, I just rubbed it across. I liked this effect. I have a rounded tip sponge and it almost made it look like cloud arches.

I am so inspired by so many other themed sets with this idea. I'll probably be posting some more of these boxed sets soon.



  1. These are so cute! They look professional!! Thanks for showing her video, I'm not subscribing on youtube!!

  2. these are just brilliant! such a fab gift idea!

  3. this is a great little project,just love it