Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Wild Card

Here's my silly little Wild Card I made a few minutes ago. I just felt like throwing something together. Not really into measuring or perfectly squared corners. Love this wild paper. It's from DCWV Animal Crackers. The polka dots are all glittery. Fun.

In other news...

I went to my 3rd Weight Watchers meeting today. I always learn so much. Everyone is so friendly and no one "hogs" the attention of the leader.

Bonnie and I sat beside a lady named Ruth who joined the same week we did. Bonnie was saying, "how are you" to her. Of course it sounds like, "hwerooo," all one word. But she tries so hard and I think people understand her mostly. I love it that Ruth was so patient with Bonnie. Bonnie likes to shake hands and sit close and touch your arm.... even if she doesn't know you. Ruth seemed to eat it up like a grandma. :)

The meeting ended with an anonymous quote that really hit home with me. Of course it's meant to be applied toward your eating choices, but I can see how it could range out to other areas of your life.

Here it is:

"Don't give up what you want most for what you want for the moment."

Love it. And that's so true. I need to learn new habits. Like I eat to live, not live to eat.

I printed up a paper and taped it to the front of my frig that says, "Make Smart Choices". I included a list of foods and their points value. And yes, I included things like Krispy Kreme doughnuts right along with the cantaloupe and strawberries.

It's just a reminder that what I eat cost me. And what I may eat in private, I wear in public. (Another quote from today's meeting.)

So I look at the list, compare the points, and ask myself, "Do I really want that for 7 points, when this food for 2 points will fill me up and give my body what it needs?"

Yes, it's a lot of emotion involved in my eating. But I'm working on it. :)

Hope everyone has a GREAT, fun evening. Tom should be home shortly and we are going to sit on the front proch and grill burgers.

(And in case you are wondering, yes, I can have a burger, as long as I figure the points. I have a limit. And I've saved up for my grilled burgers. It's a weakness, and a treat. I love grilled burgers! I've been looking forward to this all weekend! I smartly waited until after I weighed in this morning before having the burger tonight. LOL)

Squeezes and sugar kisses,