Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Snail Greetings!

I guess I'm just chatty today because this is my 4th post for the day. LOL Scroll down to see the other posts... one's about Weight Watchers, one's about swapping, and the other is a card I did this morning for 365 Cards and My Pink Stamper.

I mailed my Mama a card with a turtle cut on it from the Cricut Walk In My Garden cartridge last week. She loved the little critter and asked if I'd cut some for her. She's going to come over to my house in the next week or so for me to make some Cricut cuts for her, but I thought I'd go ahead and mail her some cuts for her to play with before then.

Once again my pic is loading sideways. I'm not even going to stress about it. I think you can get the idea without the frustration of me trying to figure out why it decides to load pics sideways at random..... must move on.... must not be OCD about this........ I also included some of the snails like on the card below for her to play with. I just love this crazy paper for these snails!

Do you guys hear me just a giggling over here every time I use my google eyes? LOL

I'm going to mail this card to my daughter who just moved into her house for this school year. She's not living on campus like she did last year. She's renting... or I should say WE are renting her a duplex she is sharing with a roommate. She wants some mail and told me to dig out some of my card stash to keep her mailbox full. :) Gotta love the encouragement for me to keep on crafting! :)

Just think... it's almost Friday! That means, Bonnie will go to work with Tom for 1/2 a day (school field trip - don't you just love home schooling?!!!) while I get groceries and pack for our camping trip to the mountains! Yeah!! I'm so excited!



  1. Janis you've been one busy woman today! Love your card and your Mama's diecuts. I wish I had a cuttlebug so I could swap with you. I can send you some cuts from carts that you don't have for one's that I don't have. I have 10 carts and I think the only one we both have is WIMG. I'll send you an email later and tell you which ones I have. Lynn is bringing me her book for you tomorrow, so I could send it all at the same time.
    PS Congrats on're doing great!!