Saturday, January 31, 2015

Project Life Layout - Week 4 Page 2

Hi, crafters!
I'm back today to show you my Project Life Layout
Page 2 for Week 4.
I actually have 3 page layouts for that week, so yesterday I showed you page 1, and tomorrow I'll show you the 3rd page.

click to enlarge

Top Row:
Two photos in the first pocket. One is a watercolor I did in my Art Journal and the other was using a Photo a Day prompt - "Far Away."

The next pocket is our daughter, Bonnie, in her sassy pose. Love this girl. She is so much fun! The chipboard Polaroid frame and the chipboard heart are both from Studio Calico's monthly PL Kits. (You can earn 500 points when you use this link to subscribe to any of Studio Calico's monthly kits.)

Second Row:
Snapchat from our daughter, Kati, who was on her way to teach Art at school.

Snapchat from Tom during one of his walk about breaks at work. It was a nice day that day - perfect t-shirt weather for walking.
"Have a moovelous Day" from Craftin Desert Divas "Simply Moovelous."

Last 2 photos are of Tom & Bonnie washing his truck. Bonnie is such a good helper.

Bottom Row:
Grass from My Creative Time metal die.
Cow from KaDoodle Bug Designs "Dairy Cows." 
(using the print 'n cut feature)

Banner was created with a Walmart punch and some of my scrap papers.
Bingo filler card with sequins attached with glue dots.
Last card is just a weekly recap

Do you scrapbook with Project Life or a similar pocket style scrapbooking?
We'd love if you would link up your pages, filler card creations, organizational ideas, video tutorials or anything pocket scrapbooking related IN the

The current challenge is Anything Goes with an optional twist to include a filler card with a LIST on it as part of your page layout.
Each entry will receive a FREE DIGI FILE,

and one lucky entry will win a FREE CUT FILE from
KaDoodle Bug Designs!

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Thanks for stopping by today.
See you again tomorrow for Page 3 (the last one) of Week 4's layouts.
:) Janis

Friday, January 30, 2015

Project Life Layout - Week 4 Page 1

Hi, crafters!
So excited to share with you my Project Life Layout
Page 1 for Week 4.
I actually have 3 page layouts for that week, so I'll be showing you one a day for
today, tomorrow, and Sunday.

click to enlarge

Top Row:
I love the bear with the flag! He is from KaDoodle Bug Designs. You can cut him out and paper piece him or do what I did this time and use that Cameo Print 'n Cut feature.

Week 4 was cut out and paper pieced using the Vagabond font.
I ran it through my Xyron to make it a sticker. The Xyron is one of my go-to tools for all my crafting. Love that thing!

The next filler card has Ginger all comfy and cozy laying on her back in our bed. Her and her sister, Mary Ann, sleep in their kennel at night. But after they go out in the morning and do their thing, they run and jump on our bed for morning snuggle time. It's the BEST way to start every day.

Last photo on that row is an afghan I crocheted draped across our front porch swing. This photo was taken for a Photo a Day prompt - "Homemade."

Second Row:
Here's to You stamp from Cardz TV Stamps.
Cake is another Print 'n Cut using my Cameo (Sil ID# 9664).
This is a photo of our daughter, Keri, and son-in-law, Aaron on their wedding day,
June 22, 2013. But I used this photo because Aaron's birthday was that week.

Look at that smile. "Smile" stamp from Craftin Desert Divas "Say it Big."

Yes, she's enjoying an apple outside.

Last card "This is what matters the most."

Bottom Row:
First card has 2 photos from Photo a Day prompts:
Parked cards - "In a row"
Bibles on shelf - "Collection"

A Great Shot photo - this is a Snapchat our son, Jimmy, sent me.
He got to drive this that day. I would have been freakin' out if I had to drive that!

Do you scrapbook with Project Life or a similar pocket style scrapbooking?
We'd love if you would link up your pages, filler card creations, organizational ideas, video tutorials or anything pocket scrapbooking related IN the

The current challenge is Anything Goes with an optional twist to include a filler card with a LIST on it as part of your page layout.
Each entry will receive a FREE DIGI FILE,

and one lucky entry will win a FREE CUT FILE from
KaDoodle Bug Designs!

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Thanks for stopping by today.
See you again tomorrow for Page 2 of Week 4's layouts.
:) Janis

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Photo a Day - Summer / Winter (depending on where in the world you live)

January 29, 3015
Photo a Day
Summer / Winter

Since it's winter here where we live - here's my WINTER photo:

No leaves on the big tree, but don't let that fool you.
This is the South. We do have green on bushes and some of the smaller trees.
:) Janis

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Photo a Day - Strange

Hi, everyone! Hope you are having a very nice Wednesday.
Today's Photo a Day prompt is "strange."
This was a toughy for me. I even consulted with my hubby for ideas.
I decided to go with our Giraffe in the Dining Room enjoying a leaf meal.
Do you think that's strange?
I actually think it's kind of cool.

Enjoy the rest of your day.
See you tomorrow.
:) Janis

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Photo a Day - morning

January 27, 2015
Photo a Day

Here's my baby, Bonnie, with her baby, Dog.
She was up before we were this morning playing Horizon 2 on XBox.
I think Dog may have been helping her a little.

:) Janis

KIDS - Project Life Filler Card with Bonnie

I want to share with you one of my pocket filler cards (6x4)
for the PDE LINKY PARTY this week.

Here's the theme for this week:

Here is my Project Life Filler Card:

I love this picture of Bonnie!
The chipboard Polaroid frame is from the Studio Calico PL Kit
of the month and so is the chipboard heart. 

Hope you'll link up your project at
And don't forget to link up your Project Life pages at
:) Janis

Monday, January 26, 2015

Photo a Day - 3 in a Row

January 26, 2015
Photo a Day
3 in a Row

Watercolor Pencils
Crayola Pencils
Oil Pencils

It might be time to do some coloring now.
:) Janis

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Photo a Day - Black & White

Happy Sunday, everyone. I hope you are having a very relaxing weekend.

January 25, 2015
Photo a Day
Black & White

My cute little chubby cherub my Mama gave me.
Look at that adorable face.
:) Janis

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Photo a Day - Play Time

January 24, 2015
Photo a Day
Play Time

Here is Tom playing XBox One with our son Jimmy through the magic of internet.
(We are in South Carolina. Jimmy is in Kansas.)
I think I have just as much fun watching them as they do playing.
:) Janis

Friday, January 23, 2015

Photo A Day... Far Away

January 23, 2015
Photo a Day
Far Away

I was really tempted to use a photo from when we lived in Alaska for today's photo prompt. Alaska is so far away from where we are now, and it was very beautiful there. But because I'm trying my best not to pull out archive photos for the photo of the day prompts (but not saying that I never will), I took a picture of the only thing near me that resembled any distance at all, and that was looking down our street.

Looks like that road goes on forever, doesn't it?
Thanks for stopping by.
Smiles :) Janis

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Photo a Day... Collection

January 22, 2015
Photo a Day

PART of my collection of Bibles.
I don't know why I am drawn to buying them.
They all say the same thing - just in different translations.
When we moved to Alaska, I gave away a bunch of my Bibles to friends
and Good Will. But I couldn't get rid of these. They are very special.

The black one is Tom's as well as one of the skinny ones too
from when we used to go to Grace Baptist Church when the kids were little.

The Blue one is one of the kids from when they were little.

The small green one is Jimmy's Army Bible.

The other green one is the first Bible I ever got. It was a gift one Christmas from "Santa."

I love the brown one on the end. The ink for the words is in brown which is very pleasing to my eyes, and it's the New Century Version which is my favorite.

The Amplified Bible is good for when I need more information on what something means.

My big fat blue one is in my craft room right now. It's what I've been using lately for Scripture Memory Verses because it's New International Version and LARGE PRINT. I got it at the Dollar General a couple of years ago for about $3.

I do want a New American Standard Version. Don't have that, and I'm doing one of Kay Arthur's Precept Bible Studies on Daniel and she uses that version. It would be nice to have the same translation when doing my homework. But not necessary.

Collections... I have so many:

China from our wedding, my parents', my in-law's, my grandmothers, my great grandmother's...

Scrapbooking paper galore

Games - board games, card games, puzzles - they always get pulled out during family gatherings.

Rocks - yes, I tend to pick up rocks in the different places we live and save them as a memory trigger.

DVDs, Books...

Oh well, it's good to know what our interests are.
Thanks for stopping by today.
Enjoy your day!
:) Janis

Happy Birthday!

Is it your birthday?
If it is... Happy Birthday!
If it's not... Happy Un-Birthday!

Today is our favorite Son-in-Law's birthday.
Aaron is loving, strong, supportive, and smart.
He's the kind of guy who's smile can light up a room,
and the kind of guy you don't want to meet in a dark alley if you have ill intentions, because he can mess you up. LOL

Happy Birthday, Aaron!
Love you!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Watercolor Pages in my new Art Journal

Kati came over Monday and gave me a watercolor class.
She is so artistic. It's amazing.
I decided to go ahead and get a watercolor journal and stop using my spiral notebook so I could use the watercolors and not wrinkle the pages so much.
I have a lot to learn, but for a beginner, I'm very happy.

Here are my first 3 pages for
Hide His Word in my HeART.

I used stamps from Craftin Desert Divas (Week 2 - Tag It Set)
Mary's Cardz TV Stamps (Week 3 - Up & Away & Snail Mail)

Week 1 Psalm 119:105
Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path.

Week 2 Proverbs 3:5
Trust in the Lord with all your heart & lean not on your own understanding.

Postmarks on hearts from Cardz TV Stamps - Snail Mail

Week 3   1 Thessalonians 5:17
Pray continually.

I love this drawing. Bonnie says it's her. I love my Bonnie. She's so cute!
Clouds are from Cardz TV Stamps - Up, Up & Away set

Thanks for stopping by.
:) Janis

Photo a Day - in a row

January 21, 2015
Photo a Day
in a row

I couldn't decide which one was better to use for the "in a row" prompt today,
so here are them both:

:) Janis

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Photo a Day - Window

Jan 20, 2015
Photo a Day

This is the window of our front door
reflecting the window of our screen porch
with the beautiful sunset in the background.

:) Janis

Bimini Moose - Project Life Scrapbook Ch with a Twist

Our challenges are always ANYTHING GOES regarding Pocket Scrapbooking, but this time we are also offering an OPTIONAL TWIST.
The Optional Twist is - 
show one of your FILLER CARDS you've made a LIST on for your scrapbook. It could be books you've read that week/month/on vacation OR a list of your favorite movies OR New Recipes you tried and loved...
any FILLER CARD you've created a LIST for and included in your scrapbook will work!

Exciting News!
Binimi Moose now offers a
FREE Digital File available for EVERYONE who enters this challenge created and provided by one of our DT Members, Mari!
Be sure to include your correct email when entering.
In addition, we will also be choosing
one winner per challenge to receive a 
These files are perfect to include in your Pocket Scrapbooking Layouts
and in your other crafting as well.

 A lot of people have asked about the size photos I print. I use the Collage feature in I change the size to 1800 x 1200 (which makes it a 4x6 photo). I try to put as many photos as I can on one 4x6 partly because I hoard my ink and don't want to print full photos of everything, and partly because I like my filler cards and want them to be able to be seen in my scrapbook and not completely covered up with a photo.  So the sizes of the photos are just from me messing with them and seeing what should be bigger than another, etc and making them all fit as best I can on one 4x6 print. This week I printed 3 of the 4x6 photo sizes. Normally I just print 2.

Here are my Week 3 pages (3 pages this time instead of 2):

Page 1
click to enlarge
Page 1, Top Row:
Week 3 using Thickers (chipboard stickers). I colored the 3 with a Sharpie.

Good Times Card has dates of Mon - Sun for that week.

Sweet little Mary Ann. She's been sick for a few days. (She's all better now.)

It's Never Too Late to Live Happily Ever After - Bonnie's bright idea for Monday's Photo of the Day "bright."

Middle Row:
Watercolor painting my daughter created used for Wed's Photo of the Day "new."

Picture of a frog puzzle box for Sat's Photo of the Day "jump."

Friday - Selfies from Keri. I asked her for a selfie. 

2 of Tom's photos - one from last Sunday showing his stepcount on his walkabout, and one from Thursday as he microwaved his breakfast at work.

Bottom Row:
Photo of the Day "old" for Thurs - a quilt my Great Grandmother handstitched.

Tower of 4 rocks (rocks brought back from Alaska from when we lived there.) For Tue's Photo of the Day "lucky number."  The number four was cut out with my Silhouette Cameo.

Page 2:
click to enlarge
 Page 2 Top Row:
Bear & Lighthouse from KaDoodle Bug Designs "Bon Voyage Bears" along with my Memory Verse for Beth Moore's Siesta Scripture Memory Team for January 15.
(KaDoodle Bug Designs is our sponsor this challenge! You could win one of her cut files just by linking up HERE.)

Seeker girl card (love that artwork)

List (using the Twist for this challenge) - 5 things you may not know about me:
1 - I love the aroma of brewing coffee, but don't drink it
2 - Crowds terrify me
3 - I can be Claustrophobic
4 - I won't walk over anything I can see through: grates, docks, etc.
5 - I can't sleep without wrapping myself up like a mummy in my green blanket.

Middle Row:
You're weird. I like you. (Love this card!)

Friday's Photo a Day "nature."

Love card - includes a heart die from My Creative Time.

What I Love List (using the TWIST for this challenge.)
1 - My Family
2 - My Retired Life
3 - Camping
4 - Planning with Tom
5 - Our Pit Bull Babies

Bottom Row:
Bike card that says Adventure def: a mission with a positive outcome and some cool stuff along the way.
I included a tiny photo Tom took Saturday. They are building a Hardees in Swansea. That's the town 10 minutes from where we live. It's very surprising that any big food chain is coming this close to North. Yay!

Quote Card - this is a $22,000 pool table we saw Saturday during our shopping trip to Columbia. That's a lot of money!! It was really pretty though. They also had a $5,000 juke box. Those 2 things would be super cool in Tom's mancave - when he gets it built. If we only had that kind of pocket change. LOL

Page 3:
click to enlarge
Top Row:
This is Life card.

Kati and her Kitty cat. She commented that I didn't have any photos of her child in the family scrapbook. LOL

Middle Row:
Picture of Tom with our 2 babies both crowded onto his lap.

I played around with Art Journaling in a spiral notebook last week. I'm no artist, but it was still fun.

Last photo is our dining room table with a puzzle Tom is working on his end, and the one I'm struggling with on my end. For Sunday's Photo a Day "Today is.." Puzzle Day.

Bottom Row:
Life According to Me... Tom, Kati and I all wear some type of Vivo step counter. My sleep graphs tend to show strange spikes in movement randomly during the night. I just thought I'd share one of those graphs with you. You would think that peek represented me getting up and going to the bathroom or something, but no, I slept good that night. I have no idea what I was doing that made that activity spike like that. Guess I was having a dream I was running or something. LOL

Do What Makes You Happy!

That's my Week 3 Photos and Journaling.
Long post - I know- but thanks for hanging in there until the end.

Be sure to link up your Project Life pages (past or present) into our challenge.
Hope you'll also take the extra twist and include one with a LIST of some sort.
Remember, everyone who enters will receive a FREE digi file and one lucky entry will win a FREE cut file from KaDoodle Bug Designs.
Good luck!

:) Janis


    An InLinkz Link-up

Monday, January 19, 2015

Photo a Day - Homemade

January 19, 2015
Photo a Day

One of the afghans I've crocheted.
Crocheting is very relaxing.
:) Janis

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Photo a Day - JUMP

January 17, 2015
Photo a Day

We went shopping today!
Tom, Bonnie & I got about 5 puzzles to put together.
I thought the FROGS would be perfect for the
Photo A Day prompt, JUMP.

:) Janis

Week 2 - Right Side Project Life Layout

Hi, everyone!
To link up any past or present Pocket Scrapbooking layout, click HERE.
Today I want to show you the Left side of my Week 2 Layout.

click to enlarge

Top Row:
Little girl with heart is a Cut File from KaDoodle Bug Designs. The file is called Sweet Love and you can buy it HERE. I used Peachy Keen Stamp for her face, added some chalk to her cheeks, and doodled a little with my white gel pen.

QUOTE Card - My son sent me a text on Saturday that said, "I love you mom. Thank you for always being so happy and positive. It doesn't go unnoticed." Now how sweet and heart-warming is that?!

Happiness card - Photo a Day - Hello (Sat) - Hello naptime
Today was a Very Good Day

Middle Row:
Some of my Favorite Things: Camping, Crafting, Eating out. I used an alphabet stamp from Walmart for the list and preceded each item with a different colored rhinestone.

Monday - Daddy moved into an assisted living place. Bonnie loves pushing him around in his wheelchair.

Today - Friday - I got all my hair cut off! It was down my back. I love it, and if feels so good.

Friday - Photo a Day - Patterns - piano keyboard

Bottom Row:
Photo a Day (Tues) - Round - Hobson (the dog statue) holds round toilet paper on a round tray in our bathroom. hehehehe Love it.

Hero - Hero stamp from Stampin' Up. This is a snapchat from Jimmy that I screenshot. The temps where he is (in Kansas) are in the teens and there's snow on the ground. Brrrr.

Best Movies (using alphabet stamps) - Saturday night we watched LUCY and THE JUDGE. Loved them both!

Last card - our daughter, Kati. So beautiful.

Now here is the double layout as it will be in my scrapbook:

click to enlarge
Thank you so much for stopping by today!
Don't forget to link up What you are working on Project Life related HERE. This challenge ends on Monday, Jan 19th at noon Eastern Time.
A new Challenge will start on Tues, Jan 20th and one of the entries will win a prize!
Remember that sweet little girl at the top of my page up there from KaDoodle Bug Designs? Well, they will be sponsoring our challenges starting later this month! We will tell you more about that when our next challenge starts.
:) Janis

Friday, January 16, 2015

Photo a Day - Nature

Hi! It's a beautiful, cool, sunshiny day here today in South Carolina!
January 16, 2015
Photo a Day

I went walking around our yard today looking for a good Nature photo to take.
I took several, but narrowed it down to two, then decided this one was my fav.
I love the little hairs coming off of the growth on there.

See you tomorrow.
:) Janis

Week 2 Project Life Layout - Right Side

Hi, everyone!
To link up any past or present Pocket Scrapbooking layout, click HERE.

Today I want to show you my Week 2 Layout.
Well, the Right side of it anyway.
I'll be back tomorrow to show you the Left Side and
tell you all about that.

Week 2 - Right Side 
click to enlarge
Title Card:
SMILE - Stampin' Up stamp
Bonnie having her 3 o'clock popcorn snack.
Week 2 cut out with the Silhouette Cameo using Vagabond font
Very small dates for this week span stamped between "Week" and "2."

Sweet Moments - Our daughter, Bonnie, and my mama.
Hello Love - Tom with his huge smile. He left Facebook today - he's very happy about that.

Middle Row:
Make Every Moment Count
Son, Jimmy. This is a screen shot of the Snapchat he sent me. Said he was sick at work (Army) and waiting to get a soilder out of jail.
Sunshine card - Photo of the Filler Mini Book I made that week. I love that little book.
Photo a Day "I See" (Sun) - My Step Count with the Vivofit on my arm.

Bottom Row:
3 photos from Photo a Day.
Square (Mon) - my lunch on a square plate & Currently Reading (Wed) - my fortune cookie.
The field was for another Photo a Day - Landscape (Thurs). This is the field behind our house.
The next card has 2 pictures. The first is a screen shot of the galaxy Tom texted me showing the moon and Jupiter rotations. The next photo is my standing out in the front yard taking a photo of the moon and Jupiter. This photo was taken a little after 7am on Saturday, and I did lighten the photo quite a bit for printing. You can barely see the Jupiter dot, so I added a couple of arrows to help you find the moon and Jupiter.

Remember you can always click on the photos on this blog to enlarge them and see more detail, or read the handwritten journaling.

Thank you so much for stopping by today!
Don't forget to link up What you are working on Project Life related HERE. This challenge ends on Monday, Jan 19th at noon Eastern Time.
A new Challenge will start on Tues, Jan 20th and one of the entries will win a prize!

See you tomorrow for the Right Side of my Week 2 layout.
:) DT Janis

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Photo a Day - OLD #fmsphotoaday

January 15, 2015
Photo a Day

Today's photo prompt from #fmsphotoaday is
I had lots of choices for today's photo, so much easier than yesterday's NEW prompt.

We live in a house that was built in 1896. That's a 120 year old house. That's Old!

I have Wedding China that was my Grandmother's. That's old.

The brick from when we removed all the coal fireplaces in this house, we reused to make a great area on our patio with brick columns with lamps on top, and an outdoor fireplace. That's New and Old.

But recently my mother gave me a quilt that was my
father's mother's mother's. In other words, My Great Grandmother's.
She handmade it. All the stitching was done by hand. I can't believe it's actually lasted through all these years intact.

I love Geneology. I have the Family Tree software on my computer with history, stories, maps, and photos of several of our ancestors. Unfortunately, when I upgraded my computer from Windows 7 to Windows 8, the program will no longer open unless I re-install it. I've looked high and low for that disk and can't find it. Which is unlike me. Geneology is precious to me, and I normally know exactly where all my program disks are. But it's gone on hiatus, and I can't figure out where.

I would have loved to give you more information about my Great Grandmother's life, where she lived, where she's buried, but I can't access any of that information right now. And I can't justify re-buying that software at this time. So, just take my word for it. This blanket is very old. I'm thankful and lucky to have it.
My Great Grandmother's name was Eula Mozelle Small Drew. She lived 1895-1974. The only thing I really remember about her (because she passed away when I was 8 years old) was she lived at my Grandparent's house and was always in the bed sitting up and spitting chewing tobacco into a spittoon by the bed. For some reason, that's what I remember. Not her hair color, not her attitude, or anything else about her. LOL I guess her spitting tobacco into a spittoon really stuck in my head for some reason.

Thanks for stopping by today!
Hugs, :) Janis

Art Journal for Week 2

Hi! I'm back today with another Art Journal page which catches me up to Week Two.

You can find the Weekly Prompts at
Hide His Word in my HeART on Facebook.

Proverbs 3:5 NIV

Die Cut Hearts
Date Stamp
Scripture printed and cut into sections

Enjoy your day!
:) Janis

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Photo A Day - New #fmsphotoaday

January 14, 2015
Photo a Day

This is a watercolor painting my daughter, Kati, created for me
and gave me for Christmas. I haven't hung it up yet because I'm waiting on my Craft Room remodel first. She got the idea for the painting because that's the song I used to sing to her all the time when she was little.

:) Janis

Let's Create An Art Journal

Chat time. :)

I've been blogging since 2009 when I decided to start sharing what I was crafting with you. I have loved creating cards, tags, 3D objects, etc. But at the end of the year last year, I knew I was getting burned out and needed to find a new direction to go with my crafting. That's why I chose Project Life Scrapbooking. I can't tell you how much I love messing with photos and creating little filler cards for the pockets in my scrapbook. So fun.

Yesterday a friend of mine commented on my post with my memory verse for January 15 with Beth Moore's Siesta Scripture Memory Team. She said she wanted to create an Art Journal with Scripture and follow MayMay's prompts every week. I never heard of MayMay, but luckily my friend provided me with a link to her YouTube channel.

I watched a couple of MayMay's videos and joined her Facebook page. I love looking at art. The pages these people have created for Scripture verses blows me away. I wish I had that talent. But you know what? That's okay. We don't all have the same gifts. Even though I'm no artist by a long shot, I decided to play along with MayMay's "Hide His Word in my HeART"  Art Scripture Journal. It's okay if my pages lack talent because I'm all about enjoying the activity.

The first Week's verse was Psalm 119:105. You should see the pages that were created. Just jaw-dropping wow. Want to see my very simple page? I didn't go out and buy a fancy art journal or watercolor papers or anything like that. I just used a spiral notebook I already had.

spiral notebook
date stamp
Project Life card
Tim Holtz Distress ink
Stampin' Up ink and flower stamps
Alphabet stamps
Bic markers
Colored Pencils
Aqua Painter (hence the wrinkled page from the water) - maybe it's heat waves? LOL
NIV Bible

There you go.
If I can do this, anyone that is remotely interested can do it too. Who cares if you don't draw like an artist. I sure don't. Expect a lot of doodling on future pages from me instead of drawings. LOL

:) Janis

Links you may enjoy:
Maymay's Introduction to 2015 Hide His Word in my HeART
MayMay's Facebook Group
Beth Moore's Siesta Scripture Memory Team 

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Photo A Day - Lucky Number #fmsphotoaday

January 13, 2015
Photo a Day
Lucky Number

I wouldn't say I have a LUCKY number.
I have a favorite number, and that is number four.
:) Janis