Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Bimini Moose - Anything Goes Pocket Scrapbooking Challenge

Happy New Year!
(in case no one has told you yet)

This week is our very first challenge over at 
and our challenge this time is...
Pocket Scrapbooking - ANYTHING GOES.

Be sure to pop over to Bimini Moose and see the NEW DESIGN TEAM
and what they have created to inspire you to play along.

Our challenges run for 2 weeks.
This one will close on Mon, Jan 19 @ Noon Eastern time
giving us time to pick a Top 3 for the post the following day with our Next Challenge.

We post to the Bimini Moose blog several times during our challenge,
so if you want to see the current challenge, click on the CHALLENGES tab on that blog.
If you want to browse through all of our posts with ideas, tutorials, and some of our own personal layouts, click on the HOME tab on that blog.

Here is my project:
This is page one and two for my Week One layout.
I did go back and add green glitter stickers that say, "Week One" to the first card.
I didn't even realize I forgot it until I went to post the details of these pages to my blog.

Here is my edited title card:

Left Page - details below:
Remember, you can click any photo to enlarge it.

So I had a couple of people comment or email me that they wanted more information about my individual cards. Here goes:
Most of the cards on both of these pages are from Studio Calico's Project Life monthly kit.
(If you'd like to subscribe to any of Studio Calico's monthly kits, use my link HERE and we'll both get 500 points added to our accounts! That equals $5 to spend in their store!)

Top Left card:
Green Glitter Stickers - Walmart
The jounrnaling just says that 2 of those photos are from the Photo a Day prompts at Fat Mum Slim, and the photo of Tom is one he snapchatted me on his morning walk on January 1st.

Top Right card:
Sky photo is from the Photo A Day prompt.
Monopoly photo - Tom & I played Monopoly New Year's Eve.
It was the fastest game either of us have ever played.
He kicked my butt.

Middle Row:
1 - We got Directv hooked up again. It was a big deal for us.
2 - This is how Mary Ann sits most of the time. Cracks us up.
3 - Movies we watched this week - The Equalizer (again - Kati was over and had not seen it yet), Gravity with Sandra Bullock, Ride Along, and Battle for Terra
4 - Photo A Day prompt - Yellow

Bottom Left Card:
I signed up for Beth Moore's Siesta Scripture Memory Team

Bottom Right Card:
Envelope, Hearts, Tab, and stamped sentiment all from My Creative Time metal dies & stamps
My memory verse for the first two weeks of January:
Deuteronomy 11:18 New Century Version
Remember my words with your whole being.
Write them down & tie them to your hands as a sign;
tie them on your foreheads to remind you.

And that's the whole left page layout.

Now for the Right side details...

Top Row:
1 - Just Start card showing I'm drinking Apple Juice instead of Coke
(Baby Steps - Progress, not Perfection.)
2 - Bonnie wanted cookies on Monday, Dec 29. So I baked her some. :)
3  & 4 combined - We took a road trip to North Carolina on Saturday to check out Super C RV's at a huge RV dealership. I cut out the image of the Super C from the brochure and added it to my card. We hope to get some sort of camper this summer. Might be this one. Might be a 5th Wheel. Might be a Toy Hauler. We're keeping our options open until we are ready to buy.
While we were traveling from South Carolina, we made a list of all the license plates we saw from different states. I typed them up and added them to that road trip card.
15 different States and 1 from Ontario Canada

Middle Row:
2015 was cut out with my Cameo. I saw someone else do this while browsing PL New Year layouts on Pinterest and loved the idea!

Bottom Row: 
Okay - I'm going to type out the captions here that are above each photo.
My husband, Tom, is a riot. I love his sense of humor.
All day on New Year's day every couple of hours he'd take a picture of something, post it to Facebook, and then add his Resolution to it. It was all in fun, and It was hilarious!

I hope you enjoy reading these. These are HIS words, not mine...

Moutain Dew - Resolution #1 - Stop the morning Mountain Dew ritual. Fail.
Nap - Resolution #2 - Exercise more & be more active. Fail.
Dogs - Resolution #3 - I'm going to have less of my babies controlling my every moment. Fail.
Grocery Receipt $248.57 - Resolution #4 - Be more Frugal at the grocery store. Crap!
(I put the actual receipt behind this card in the pocket.)
Beer - Resolution #5 - I'll drink less beer, & when I do drink, I'll wait until after 6:00. Damn.
Easy Cheese - Resolution #6 - Eat Better & eat less processed food. Um...

This was a L-o-n-g post, but thank you so much for hanging in there until the end.
Pocket Scrapbooking is giving me so much pleasure and instant gratification.
I'm loving it!

Hope you'll link up your project at

:) Janis

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  1. LOVE your pages Janis,great colors and lots of photos and journaling,this is awesome!!! DT♡elecia