Thursday, January 22, 2015

Photo a Day... Collection

January 22, 2015
Photo a Day

PART of my collection of Bibles.
I don't know why I am drawn to buying them.
They all say the same thing - just in different translations.
When we moved to Alaska, I gave away a bunch of my Bibles to friends
and Good Will. But I couldn't get rid of these. They are very special.

The black one is Tom's as well as one of the skinny ones too
from when we used to go to Grace Baptist Church when the kids were little.

The Blue one is one of the kids from when they were little.

The small green one is Jimmy's Army Bible.

The other green one is the first Bible I ever got. It was a gift one Christmas from "Santa."

I love the brown one on the end. The ink for the words is in brown which is very pleasing to my eyes, and it's the New Century Version which is my favorite.

The Amplified Bible is good for when I need more information on what something means.

My big fat blue one is in my craft room right now. It's what I've been using lately for Scripture Memory Verses because it's New International Version and LARGE PRINT. I got it at the Dollar General a couple of years ago for about $3.

I do want a New American Standard Version. Don't have that, and I'm doing one of Kay Arthur's Precept Bible Studies on Daniel and she uses that version. It would be nice to have the same translation when doing my homework. But not necessary.

Collections... I have so many:

China from our wedding, my parents', my in-law's, my grandmothers, my great grandmother's...

Scrapbooking paper galore

Games - board games, card games, puzzles - they always get pulled out during family gatherings.

Rocks - yes, I tend to pick up rocks in the different places we live and save them as a memory trigger.

DVDs, Books...

Oh well, it's good to know what our interests are.
Thanks for stopping by today.
Enjoy your day!
:) Janis


  1. Loving your collections, so interesting just as you are xxx
    {Doing Life – my personal blog}

  2. thanks for sharing about your collections, Janis. Some things are precious to us, even tho we may not completely understand "why". Lately, I've been trying to find homes for some of my collected items - they are heirlooms which no one in my family wants - some as far back as the mid 1800s! hugs, de

  3. I am loving your collections of Bibles Janis! I only have three. One Catholic Bible that was given to me when I was like 6 years old, one from my church in South Carolina, and one that was given to my husband and I when we got remarried our the Catholic church. Oh I do have my one son's Army Bible too. I also like you collections of game, very much like ours, and we all need to have book collections along with DVD's. lol Great collections! Hugs, Brenda