Sunday, January 11, 2015

Saturday Fun with the Lewises

We watched 2 great movies last night.
First was LUCY.

My favorite kind of movie is Sci-fy. LUCY was a GREAT one!
If you want to see more info about this movie, the IMDB link is HERE.

Next up was THE JUDGE.
Love Robert Downey, Jr.
This is a drama with intense emotions and dialogue.
The special needs brother in the movie, made me rank it even higher on my like list. You don't see a lot of movies with special needs adults. Being a parent of a special needs adult, I loved that this was part of the movie, and think they hit the emotions and reactions to him perfectly.
That wasn't what the movie was about, but it did add a lot of depth to the overall emotional threads of this family. More info about this movie at IMDB HERE.

Other than the movies last night, we also spent the day doing our normal Saturday thing - which usually involves getting out of the house and going somewhere. First stop was John's RV. We looked at Airstreams and Class A motorhomes. We found a perfect floorplan in a Class A. But no decisions yet. We have until the summer to decide.

We went to Columbia to visit my daddy who moved into an assisted living place earlier this week. He is doing very well. Loved his windmill bookmark I gave him, and we all had some good chatter and laughs.  I had taken a bulletin board to him last Monday with some push pins and photos of our family and grandkids. I was happy to see my brother had also added more photos of his family to the board. I told Daddy now he could see my beautiful face every single day whether he wanted to or not. He just laughed.

We stopped at Rush's for lunch, and I ran into my cousin, Susan, there whom I haven't seen in years. It was so good to see her and do a quick catch-up on the families. She is such a sweet, loving person.

We also stopped at Lowe's. I've got some things to pick out for my Christmas Present from my husband - which is a remodeled craft room. First we looked at paint. I know I want blue or turquoise, but I don't want the room to look dark like it did before when it was painted blue, so I struggled with finding the right color. I'm terrible at stuff like this. He said there is going to be a lot of white trim and cabinets and cubbies, so there will only be a very small portion that's blue, and getting it darker wouldn't matter because of all the white. 

Then we looked at laminate counter top options. I can't decide if I want something white / tan-ish or something tan / brown-ish. Again, I don't want a dark room, but with all the white cabinets it makes me think maybe a tan or brown countertop would be better? Again, I'm terrible at this stuff. I am NOT a spacial thinker. I can't walk into a studded house and imagine what it looks like. I have to see it done. So I'm struggling with what color to go with on the countertops too.

One more thing to pick out - the carpet. We know it has to be office type carpet so my computer chair will roll over it easily. And here I am again not sure what to pick out. I love white carpet. That's probably not a good idea. So I don't know if I should go with light tan or a very dark brown. I want a bright room. If I go with tan hopefully the carpet won't stand out like a sore thumb and be the first thing you see when you walk in. I want it to disappear. If I go with dark like our kitchen floors (which are wood), maybe it would make the white cabinets pop? I wish someone would just pick the perfect colors for me that all flow together. Tom's no help. LOL He says, "Whatever you want." What I want is for it to look good, be bright, and definitely have some shade of blue or turquoise walls.


Hopefully it will all come together nicely and be perfect when it's all said and done.
I'm open to any suggestions you may have.

Thanks for sitting with me a while and chatting.
Enjoy your Sunday!
:) Janis


  1. I really want to see Lucy. I saw the Judge and Loved IT! <3Kim

  2. You had quite a busy Saturday Janis! I haven't seen either of those movies, I don't think anyway. lol Will have to check them out! Glad your daddy is doing well, that is always a plus. Oh my I'm like you and don't know what things look like until I see it-I just can't visualize it either! Since you are going to have white trim and cabinets, I would say a beachy blue would be beautiful! I wish I would have went with that color of blue in our bathroom with the white bead board, but went with green instead. Oh well, live and learn-again couldn't visualize it. lol But I love a beachy blue with white-it just screams summer to me and that means bright, sunny, warm days to me. Carpet, that is a hard one too but I am thinking depending on what color you pain, a darker carpet would make everything pop. But remember, I'm like you and can't really visualize things very well. lol I know it will be beautiful whatever colors you do. Hugs, Brenda

  3. Why not do a Google Image search for craft rooms and look to see what others have done with white cabinets?