Saturday, February 28, 2015

Another Scrapbooking Layout from Week 8

Hi, everyone! I added very little to these pocket filler cards because they were already so cute on their own! This is another one of my layouts from Week 8.

Top Row:
Middle Row:
Bottom Row:

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Scrapbooking Layout from Week 8

Hi, everyone! Hope you are collecting photos and making a few notes on your calendar of what your days are like this week, so that next week you will have some memory prompts when it's time to print and scrapbook.

Here's my Title Page for Week 8:

First Column on Left (not row this time):

  • Some Snapchats from Jimmy last week. He sends me some fun ones!
  • Week 8 Title Card. 
  • Week - Sil ID# 55513
  • Number 8 was cut out with Cameo using Vagabond font
  • Happy Camper - Cardz TV Stamps "Summer Fun"
  • We Are Family filler card
Middle Column:
  • Happiness is Homemade filler card
  • Doodlebug Sunshine with shadow (Cricut)
  • Cookie Monster - Cardz TV Stamps "Sugar Rush"
  • Girl Scout Cookies - alpha stickers 
  • Tiny pink and red hearts - Mrs. Grossman's stickers
Right Column:
Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Weight Watchers Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! How was your weekend? Did you stay on track with your Weight Watchers? We had another fun weekend and did some eating out too. I like to save my Weekly Points for weekends because that does seem to be when we eat out and grill and do those things that may cost more points if I indulge myself a little.

Friday night we had take out Chinese. mmmm

Saturday morning we had Bojangles. I love their Cajun Filet Biscuits (14 points!)

Saturday lunch Tom grilled some of those yummy Bubba Bacon Cheddar burgers again (per my request). I did the same thing I did last weekend and ate 1/2 for lunch and 1/2 for supper.

But I stayed within my daily and weekly points easy, and still enjoyed eating out and grilling out. It's two of my favorite things to do with the family!

Monday was Weigh-in Day! How do you think I did?

This week's weigh-in:
-2.0 for the week
-11.4 since start
Today I reached 5% of my weight loss total goal.

Since I've been doing Weight Watchers I've been drinking more water than I did before I started WW. I haven't had soda daily like I used to. But since Diet Soda is 0 points, I broke down and bought some Diet cokes when grocery shopping over the weekend. Doesn't taste nearly as good as regular coke, but drinking water only does get a bit boring after a while.

That's it for this week's update. Not a lot going on. Enjoy the rest of your week. See you again next Wednesday for another Weight Watchers Wednesday post. If you are following the WW program, leave me a comment with how you're doing and what is one of your favorite things about it.

Smiles! :) Janis

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Time for a Baby Picture

This post has nothing to do with anything.

I just wanted to share a photo with you of our adorable babies.

Mary Ann (sitting) and Ginger (lounging).

I love our girls.

That is all. Continue on with your day.

:) Janis

Animal themed Project Life Filler Card

Hi, everyone! I hope you all are having a really great week so far. Today, I want to show you a filler card I embellished for my scrapbook featuring our baby, Mary Ann. She's such a cutie.

I don't remember where the 6x4 filler card base came from. I gave up trying to keep my different cards separated by collection. I ended up just putting them all in a basket that sits on my desk which makes it much easier to thumb through looking for the one that jumps out at me. 

The little graph paper square with the hearts is from another collection.

"Baby Girl" stamp from Cardz TV Stamps "Girl Talk" set.

This is my project for PDE LINKY PARTY's "Any Animal" challenge.

Hope you'll link up your project too!

Want to see the rest of my scrapbook page with this card on it? Here ya go!

Top Row:

  • Teddy Bear Parade Rocker Girl (Cricut)
  • Baby Cakes - Cardz TV Stamps "Girl Talk"
  • Sweet filler card - Simple Stories Sn@p collection
Middle Row:
  • Never Grow Up - Dear Lizzy collection
  • Too Cute for Words - Cardz TV Stamps "Girl Talk"
  • Dogs leave paw prints on your heart -  Cardz TV Stamps "Barks and Bones"
  • Buzzworthy - Paper Smooches "Giddy Bugs"
Bottom Row:
:) Janis

Monday, February 23, 2015

Scrapbook page - Lake House Photos

Hi all my crafty, scrappy, bloggy friends! Last week around Wednesday, I realized I had only taken about 3 photos so far that week. I almost panicked thinking, "I'm not going to have anything to scrapbook for this week." But I was very wrong. I ended up scrapping 4 pages of Project Life layouts yesterday all for just last week. Instead of flooding you with them all at once, I'll be spreading out blog posts this week showing you a page now and then and giving details of the supplies I used.

If we are friends on Facebook, then you already know that Tom & I have been trying to buy a house for a while. We put an offer on a house behind the church I grew up in last December, but the owner's counter offer was not agreeable to us, so that was the end of that.  Then in January we put a verbal offer on some land. It seemed liked a great deal until we got the list of covenants that were a joke. Tom told the Realtor we would not be pursuing that purchase. Then Tom told me about a house on the lake, 2 coves over from one of his brothers, and sent me the link of the details, map location, etc. Hmmmm, it looked really good. So we made an appointment to meet the Realtor out there for a walk-through to see if it was as good in person as it looked on paper. It was even better than we expected. We put an offer on it the next day, and got a YES on the verbal offer a week later. We have been negotiating details for the past couple of weeks, and it finally looks like everything is a go to be sent off to the lawyer, get the contract written up, sign it, and call it our's.

This scrapbook page is just house stuff. A couple pictures of Tom packing, and pictures from the House Inspection last Saturday. Of course, nothing is final until it's all signed and legal, but I've been living like it's our's for a while now. I actually started packing before we got the Yes on our offer from the owner's. LOL

These pictures will be interesting to look back on year's from now to see what it looked like when we moved in, and compare to what it looks like then with paint changes and all the remodeling I'm sure Tom will do. He loves doing that stuff, and I love him doing it, so it works for us both.

Before & After stickers - Walmart
Letter stickers top left and bottom right - My Mind's Eye, Now & Then (Peachy Cheap)
Filler Cards - various collections
Forklift with Fragile crate - Print 'n Cut Sil ID# 72547
Mouse XO - Print 'n Cut Sil ID# 73772

Thanks for stopping by!
:) Janis

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Scrapbook Hobby Page

Hi all your scrapbookers and crafters out there!
I have a HOBBY page to show you today.

How do you scrapbook?
Do you make weekly pages, or daily pages?
Events, Vacations, or Celebration pages?

Since I started using Project Life in late December, I've been doing weekly recap pages. But I'd also like to throw in there some extra pages for other things. Like when we went to the Lake for a picnic - I did a page just about that with a little more details than a weekly re-cap page.

Today I want to show you a HOBBY page. This page focuses on one of our daughters who went to the Hunt Club with some friends and learned how to shoot different types of guns. The weekend before, she went Skeet Shooting and only missed on her first try. I think she's going to be like her dad who is good at everything he does.

Here's my Hobby Page I came up with:

Top Row:
  • Kati & Wayne making a funny face and then smiling. Goofy kids. LOL
  • Hello filler card layered on another 4x6 filler card
Middle Row:
  • Kati shooting a pistol
  • Kati shooting a rifle with a scope
  • Wayne shooting a shotgun
  • Wayne & Kati - good friends
Bottom Row:
  • Wayne and his son, Hunter
  • Tailgate shooting paraphernalia

That's it. Simple. More pictures than story. I think the pictures do a great job telling the story.

I hope you'll make some of your own hobby pages. We'd love to see them! Link them up in the Challenges tab at Bimini Moose. (Any type of scrapbooking - Project Life or Traditional. Unlimited times to link up.)

:) Janis

Friday, February 20, 2015

Bible Journaling - Link to a Great Post

Hi, everyone! Happy Friday!

Have you heard of Bible Journaling?  It's a great way to study your Bible while engaging your creative side as well.  I came across a great article link in my Facebook Newsfeed, and clicked over to the blog to read more.  If you are curious about Bible Journaling and want to hear one woman's story of why she does it and find links for more information about how it works, check out this link....

Illustrated Faith: How Illustrating My Faith Has Changed My Relationship with Jesus

(This is NOT my photo. This photo is from the site linked above.)

Enjoy the rest of your day!
:) Janis

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Scrapbook Layout for Week 7

Good morning all my crafty friends! Today I want to show you my scrapbook layouts for Week 7 (last week).

Here is the double layout as it will be in my album.

Left Page:

Top Row:
  • Filler balloon card says, "Fill your heart with what's important."
  • Art Journal pages
  • Mary Ann & Ginger's vet visit photo. That's Ginger with the pink tongue hanging out.
Middle Row:
  • This row all the way across both pages are the photo a day pictures using the provided prompts
  • Energy - water bottles
  • Inspires Me - Sign Language Books
  • Week 7 Label
  • On the Wall - painted canvas of the lake
Bottom Row:
  • U R Perfect filler card with photos of Bonnie after she put on lipstick by herself
  • It's 12 degrees in Kansas where Jimmy is and he thinks a motorcycle ride is fun? That's just cray cray. LOL
Right Page:

Top Row:
  • Tom comforting Mary Ann at the vet's. Mary Ann was panting like crazy.
  • Filler card with hearts around words BABY and AMAZING.
  • Saturday Boat Show and Tom is relaxing in one of the Vendor's chairs.
Middle Row:
  • Pointy - one of our iron chickens
  • Temptation - mini cupcakes Marie (Tom's mom) dropped off for Bonnie for Valentine's Day
  • Love - Bonnie at Wendy's
  • Spot - My favorite spot in the house
Bottom Row:
  • Hot Air Balloon filler card with Marie on the day she came to visit
  • Our babies laying really close to the fire. Think they are cold?
I love scrapbooking! 

Bimini Moose is now open to any type of scrapbooking - so go link up. Always anything goes with unlimited entries. Good luck!

:) Janis

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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Weight Watchers Wednesday

How's it going in your world? Are you on track with Weight Watchers? Measuring your portions? Counting your points? If so, good for you! If you were a little slack last week, no worries. Last week is over and done. Gone forever. Today you can pick back up on those good WW habits.

Monday was my 3rd weigh-in day on the program. Considering I ate Chick-fil-a for lunch one day last week, a Wendy's cheeseburger & fries on Saturday, and then a grilled Bubba Bacon Cheddar burger at home for Sunday lunch (I ate half for lunch and saved the other 1/2 for supper), I'm very pleased with my weigh-in results. I also used about 16 of my weekly extra points last week. I normally won't use any or just 1 or 2, so that was also very different, and still I manged to lose some weight. 

Gotta love Weight Watchers. It works. If you do your part, the program works. You can't lie to yourself or guess at portions or points or it won't work so well. But if you stay on track and be honest with yourself when fixing your plate for a meal and stay within portion size, you'll become a believer that WW works. 

Those 49 extra weekly points are there for a reason. They are there to help you not feel deprived. Because believe me, losing weight can be a strong mental struggle. So it's okay to have that Coke or piece of cake, or in my case that hamburger and fries, just count those points accurately. 

Speaking of mental battle, I had 2 cokes in the frig bottom drawer. I knew they were there and I know they cost 4 points if I have one. (Diet is zero points - but does not taste as good as a Coke to me.) Anyway, Tom drank both of those cokes last week. I said, "Why did you drink my last Cokes?" He said, "Why does it matter? You aren't going to drink them." I said, "But I knew they were there in case of emergency. Now that I know they aren't available, I may feel deprived."  That's a mental battle.
I encourage you to hang in there! If you want to leave a comment about your Weight Watcher's journey, I'd love to hear from you. 

Weigh-in Results from Monday.  
Scale said 194.0. 
That's -1.2 pounds for the week. 
A total of -9.4 pounds since I started. 

:) Janis

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Project Life Scrapbook Layout

Hello, my friends! I can't wait to show you my LAKE layout from Saturday, Feb 7th. We had so much fun. First, we went to see a house for sale on the lake. We ended up making an offer on it, and I'm hoping it will work out!  Second, we went to visit Tom's brother and his wife who live 2 coves over from the house we looked at. They have two miniature dachshunds who recently had puppies. Bonnie & I love playing with their dogs. And the Dogs love jumping on our laps, so it works out great for all of us. Here's a pic of the daddy. Isn't he adorable?

Lastly, we went for a picnic at Dreher Island State Park on Lake Murray, SC. It was very windy, but we managed not to get blown away. Kati and Tom were skipping rocks and Bonnie picks up a large rock and chunks it. LOL That got our attention. I'm glad she didn't hit somebody in the head with that thing. I'm not sure she understands the concept of a good skipping rock. LOL I skipped some rocks too, but Kati and Tom by far out-skipped me.  We ate our sandwiches, goldfish, and fruit and decided that was long enough with that cold wind. The lake was beautiful. I'm glad we got to do that.

Here's my layout!

Top Row:

  • Lake House we looked at and the Gazebo leading out to the dock in the back. I added a wood banner to the top. (Studio Calico monthly PL kit a couple months ago.) And the Happy Thoughts banner at the bottom is also from Studio Calico's PL kit this month.
  • This happened... just a couple of pictures of the lake and our picnic lunch.
Middle Row:
  • Kati and I and crazy wind hair blowing all over the place. (Banner - SC PL kit)
  • Tom skipping rocks. (SU Modern Label punch)
  • Kati skipping rocks. (wood banner - SC PL kit; Camera Print 'n Cut Sil ID# 73218)
  • Tom enjoying lunch and the view. (So You & Beautiful banner - both from SC PL kit)
Bottom Row:
  • Kati posing for me. Bonnie & I. (Shine - SC PL kit)
  • Canoe Trip Bear (KaDoodle Bug Designs); waves & clouds - My Creative Time dies
Good memories of that day. I'm linking this up to PDE Linky Party - Anything but a Card - that started today and also with Bimini Moose - Anything Goes Scrapbooking - which also started today. I hope you'll visit both challenge blogs and link up too. You may link up an unlimited number of times at both.

See you again soon!
:) Janis

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Monday, February 16, 2015

Photo a Day - Sunday

February 15, 2015

My favorite spot.
:) Janis

Photo a Day - Saturday

February 14, 2015

I love my Bonnie.
Wendy's is pretty awesome too.
:) Janis

Friday, February 13, 2015

Art Journal Entry

I'm playing a little catch-up with the Hide His Word in My heART weekly Scripture Art Journaling. Here is Week 4's pages.

The cooking images and cupcake are both Miss Kate Cuttables files. The left page started out with watercolor pencils, but I felt it was too harsh. Then I applied ink with a sponge to both pages. I like that look much better than the watercolor pencils.

Thanks for stopping by!
:) Janis

Photo a Day - Friday

February 13, 2015

Tom's mama stopped by yesterday. She brought Bonnie some confetti heart mini cupcakes for Valentines Day and some Cuties (California Clementines) for me & Tom. If you are wondering, Bonnie really did eat that cupcake. Not me. However, I did check the Weight Watchers points for it. 3 Mini Cupcakes are 8 points. Just in case you need that information for future reference.

:) Janis

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Photo a Day - Thursday

Feb 12, 2015
Photo a Day

I love my chickens and all the animals we have decorated with around our house.
:) Janis

Scrapbook - Week 6

Hi, everyone! Today I want to show you my Week 6 double layout. It was a very good week.

Left Side:

Top Row:
  • Week card Silhouette ID# 55531
  • "6" cut from Silhouette software using Vagabond font and offset feature for shadow
  • Dates for that week were stamped on either side of the "6"
  • Picture from our picnic at the lake on Saturday. This is at Dreher Island State Park at Lake Murray, SC
  • Next 3 photos are of our son, Jimmy. Before and after his haircut and then in his dress uniform for the Military Ball on Friday night.

Middle Row:
  • Making Every Moment Count Card - I have no idea which of my cards came from where anymore. I give up trying to separate them by kit. I did add a couple rows of rhinestones to this card just for fun.
  • The middle row across both pages are all of the Photo A Day photos.
  • Monday - mail
  • Tue - water
  • Wed - reward. This card was enhanced with digi overlays for the speech bubble, text, and hearts using
Bottom Row:
  • Selfie time! Brenda asked in a comment for a photo of my new haircut and not just the back like I posted before. So this photo was for you, Brenda. This was taken on Saturday.
  • Then a selfie with me and Tom while on our picnic. I was on my tiptoes for this one. He is a lot taller than me! I also added some green rhinestones to this card.
  • Monday was my weigh-in day with Weight Watchers. I had to make a card with a ribbon because I was so excited about my loss for that week. The ribbon cut file is from Sil ID# 73730

Left Side:

Top Row:
  • Our adorable grandson, Wyatt. He lives in Colorado, and we haven't seen him since last summer. He's such a sweet boy.
  • Daughter, Kati. She is student teaching right now and said that her 3rd grade class absolutely loved her art lesson that day. Which made her very happy. 
  • Bonnie and Ginger! Bonnie decided Friday that she wanted to make a bed in the den. And Ginger decided she needed to enjoy it with her. LOL
  • Son, Jimmy, on Wednesday. He & I both love snow, so when it starting snowing that day, he sent me a snapchat of it.

Middle Row:
  • Continuing with Photo a Day on this row
  • Thursday - something blue. This is Tom's old truck. We don't drive it very often. It was my brother's. Then we bought it from him and let Kati drive it for a while. We ended up giving Kati my brand new Kia when she graduated from College with Honors. Gosh. How many years ago was that? The blue truck ended up getting mostly parked in our yard instead of driven after that.
  • Fri - makes me smile. More angels from my Mama. My Snow angel is in the background. I love my snow angel. (It's the one with the scarf.) Her and the 3 other little ones are carved from wood. So pretty.
  • Sat - stripes. Picnic table from our day trip to the lake. Look at that blue water in the background. Gorgeous!
  • Sun - in my bag. Now you know all my secrets in my bag - well, the ones I displayed. Some I hid under the objects showing. I'm sneaky like that. LOL

Bottom Row:
  • First card is my Feb 1st SSMT (Siesta Scripture Memory Team) verse. I chose Proverbs 30:5 NIV: "Every Word of God is flawless; He is a shield to those who take refuge in Him."
  • The books are die cuts Sil ID# 44440. I added some rhinestones to these too. I guess Rhinestones are my embellishment of choice this week. 
  • Kati and Bonnie on Saturday. Kati went with us to see a house for sale at the lake. It's a place we would love to live. Say a little prayer for us. We put an offer on it Sunday. This is the 3rd property we've put an offer on. The first was a house near the church I grew up in. That owner counter-offered and we didn't agree to those terms. The second was just land and sounded great, so we verbally made an offer. The Realtor then sent us all the covenants for that land and we just laughed (to ourselves at how ridiculous the restrictions were) and told the Realtor we would not be pursuing that purchase. So this lake house is our 3rd offer on property. Maybe 3rd time's a charm? I hope so. We would LOVE to live there.
  • Bonnie & Kati enjoying our lunch picnic on Saturday. The wind was pretty gusty, but we managed to keep everything from blowing away.
That's it! Hope you enjoyed the photos and the stories from last week. This week has started off really good too, so I may have some fun stories for next week's layout too.

See you soon!
:) Janis