Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Weight Watchers Wednesday

Well, I made it through Week 1 of Weight Watchers.
//throw confettii//

Great documentary on Netflix.
This is Part 1. There is also a Part 2.

You know, it was not bad at all. I mean, it was almost too easy. Did I do it right? A big help is that Tom, my husband, is also doing a 15-Day Reboot with Joe. We are both trying to be healthy and eat foods that give us nutrition. Surprisingly a lot of food out there is not that nutritious. It fills you up. But it doesn't feed you the nutrition our bodies need. Anyway, back to WW...

What I love about Weight Watchers:
*You can eat anything you want - just track it
*You can eat anything you want - just measure your portions
*You can eat anything you want - just stay within your daily and weekly points
Did I mention, you can eat anything you want?  

Once you start figuring the points for foods in the recommended serving size, you learn two things:
  1. What a recommended serving size is (not the Super-Size-It portion)
  2. The Value of the points for that food versus eating something else that will cost you less points (and probably be healthier for you)
There's a lot more to Weight Watchers than just portions and points, but when you start on the program and until you get that all figured out and used to eating this way, that's probably what you'll spend a lot of your time learning.

Just a Googled pic of fruits & veggies.
I'm not saying these are all Zero Points.
Major Plus - most FRUITS and VEGETABLES are ZERO Points!

If you choose to join Weight Watchers Online Community instead of going to weekly meetings for whatever reason (you may live too far away to attend meetings like me, or maybe you just can't fit one more meeting into your schedule) there is a wealth of information on the site. I mean, oh my gosh. So many tips, recipes, how-to's.... then there is the community section - join a group, take a challenge, read some of the member's blogs.... and if for some reason you just can't find the information you are looking for - they have 24/7 online chat. That's way cool. 

That's just a snippet of what they offer their online members. There is also a FREE app so you can track what you are eating or drinking wherever you are. I love the BARCODE SCANNER on the app! Scan it and see the points. Voila. Done. I used that at the grocery store last weekend looking for healthy snacks for me and Bonnie. If I liked the points, it went into the shopping cart. If I didn't think the points were worth the pleasure of digesting that food, it stayed at the grocery store.

Another very cool thing about the app - it can be linked to your VIVOFIT or other step counter device. How fabulous is that?! Way cool. So now if I reach my basic daily activity and still rack up on activity or steps - it converts that into additional points I can eat that week if I want. Yep, liking that feature.

Oh! You probably want to know what my weigh in day looked like. Monday is my official weigh-in day. So on Monday I was 195.8.  That's -7.6 pounds lost!!!  
//throws more confetti//  
That is not normal and probably is too fast, but hey, I'm extremely happy with that! I'm sure it will slow down. 

Take a moment and think about where you are. Would you rather be somewhere else? Does Weight Watchers sound like it could help you get there?  I have an INVITE A FRIEND link that is connected to my online membership. If you decided you want to give Weight Watchers a try, please use THIS LINK. By doing so, you can lose your first 10 lbs on them if you join by Valentine's Day. And if you join by March 14, you'll get one year (6-issues) of Weight Watcher's Magazine, and I'll get a free month added to my online membership. Yep - I like those perks. If it's not for you right now, just save the link or bookmark this post. When the time comes you want to make a change and WW is your vehicle to get there, pop back over and use the link then.


At any given moment,
you have the power to say,
"This is NOT how this story is going to end."

Hugs to you! :) Janis


  1. Cheers to you for choosing healthy! So happy to see people making healthy, positive motivates me, so THANKS!

  2. Very good post Janis, and you have me seriously considering joining on line. And if I do, I will be using your link!! I love the idea of the bar scanner for the grocery store, or where ever, it helps you make better choices by giving you the power of knowledge and I like that. I also love that you lost 7.6 lbs!! Sounds like you have a great metabolism! This is where my problem lies, a slow metabolism. I only drink water, always have, very rarely will I have a soda, always picking water when out to eat or a smoothie from McDonald's, although who knows what the calories are for them, I still think they would be better than a soda. lol Anyway I try very hard to get my nourishment for my body with a shakes 3 times a day of the Now products and it fills you so you eat less food. You'd think I would be dropping pounds left and right, but no. Such as it goes. So I just might have to do this WW thing on line and see how it goes for me. Thanks for this post Janis!! Hugs, Brenda