Saturday, February 21, 2015

Scrapbook Hobby Page

Hi all your scrapbookers and crafters out there!
I have a HOBBY page to show you today.

How do you scrapbook?
Do you make weekly pages, or daily pages?
Events, Vacations, or Celebration pages?

Since I started using Project Life in late December, I've been doing weekly recap pages. But I'd also like to throw in there some extra pages for other things. Like when we went to the Lake for a picnic - I did a page just about that with a little more details than a weekly re-cap page.

Today I want to show you a HOBBY page. This page focuses on one of our daughters who went to the Hunt Club with some friends and learned how to shoot different types of guns. The weekend before, she went Skeet Shooting and only missed on her first try. I think she's going to be like her dad who is good at everything he does.

Here's my Hobby Page I came up with:

Top Row:
  • Kati & Wayne making a funny face and then smiling. Goofy kids. LOL
  • Hello filler card layered on another 4x6 filler card
Middle Row:
  • Kati shooting a pistol
  • Kati shooting a rifle with a scope
  • Wayne shooting a shotgun
  • Wayne & Kati - good friends
Bottom Row:
  • Wayne and his son, Hunter
  • Tailgate shooting paraphernalia

That's it. Simple. More pictures than story. I think the pictures do a great job telling the story.

I hope you'll make some of your own hobby pages. We'd love to see them! Link them up in the Challenges tab at Bimini Moose. (Any type of scrapbooking - Project Life or Traditional. Unlimited times to link up.)

:) Janis

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