Thursday, February 12, 2015

Scrapbook - Week 6

Hi, everyone! Today I want to show you my Week 6 double layout. It was a very good week.

Left Side:

Top Row:
  • Week card Silhouette ID# 55531
  • "6" cut from Silhouette software using Vagabond font and offset feature for shadow
  • Dates for that week were stamped on either side of the "6"
  • Picture from our picnic at the lake on Saturday. This is at Dreher Island State Park at Lake Murray, SC
  • Next 3 photos are of our son, Jimmy. Before and after his haircut and then in his dress uniform for the Military Ball on Friday night.

Middle Row:
  • Making Every Moment Count Card - I have no idea which of my cards came from where anymore. I give up trying to separate them by kit. I did add a couple rows of rhinestones to this card just for fun.
  • The middle row across both pages are all of the Photo A Day photos.
  • Monday - mail
  • Tue - water
  • Wed - reward. This card was enhanced with digi overlays for the speech bubble, text, and hearts using
Bottom Row:
  • Selfie time! Brenda asked in a comment for a photo of my new haircut and not just the back like I posted before. So this photo was for you, Brenda. This was taken on Saturday.
  • Then a selfie with me and Tom while on our picnic. I was on my tiptoes for this one. He is a lot taller than me! I also added some green rhinestones to this card.
  • Monday was my weigh-in day with Weight Watchers. I had to make a card with a ribbon because I was so excited about my loss for that week. The ribbon cut file is from Sil ID# 73730

Left Side:

Top Row:
  • Our adorable grandson, Wyatt. He lives in Colorado, and we haven't seen him since last summer. He's such a sweet boy.
  • Daughter, Kati. She is student teaching right now and said that her 3rd grade class absolutely loved her art lesson that day. Which made her very happy. 
  • Bonnie and Ginger! Bonnie decided Friday that she wanted to make a bed in the den. And Ginger decided she needed to enjoy it with her. LOL
  • Son, Jimmy, on Wednesday. He & I both love snow, so when it starting snowing that day, he sent me a snapchat of it.

Middle Row:
  • Continuing with Photo a Day on this row
  • Thursday - something blue. This is Tom's old truck. We don't drive it very often. It was my brother's. Then we bought it from him and let Kati drive it for a while. We ended up giving Kati my brand new Kia when she graduated from College with Honors. Gosh. How many years ago was that? The blue truck ended up getting mostly parked in our yard instead of driven after that.
  • Fri - makes me smile. More angels from my Mama. My Snow angel is in the background. I love my snow angel. (It's the one with the scarf.) Her and the 3 other little ones are carved from wood. So pretty.
  • Sat - stripes. Picnic table from our day trip to the lake. Look at that blue water in the background. Gorgeous!
  • Sun - in my bag. Now you know all my secrets in my bag - well, the ones I displayed. Some I hid under the objects showing. I'm sneaky like that. LOL

Bottom Row:
  • First card is my Feb 1st SSMT (Siesta Scripture Memory Team) verse. I chose Proverbs 30:5 NIV: "Every Word of God is flawless; He is a shield to those who take refuge in Him."
  • The books are die cuts Sil ID# 44440. I added some rhinestones to these too. I guess Rhinestones are my embellishment of choice this week. 
  • Kati and Bonnie on Saturday. Kati went with us to see a house for sale at the lake. It's a place we would love to live. Say a little prayer for us. We put an offer on it Sunday. This is the 3rd property we've put an offer on. The first was a house near the church I grew up in. That owner counter-offered and we didn't agree to those terms. The second was just land and sounded great, so we verbally made an offer. The Realtor then sent us all the covenants for that land and we just laughed (to ourselves at how ridiculous the restrictions were) and told the Realtor we would not be pursuing that purchase. So this lake house is our 3rd offer on property. Maybe 3rd time's a charm? I hope so. We would LOVE to live there.
  • Bonnie & Kati enjoying our lunch picnic on Saturday. The wind was pretty gusty, but we managed to keep everything from blowing away.
That's it! Hope you enjoyed the photos and the stories from last week. This week has started off really good too, so I may have some fun stories for next week's layout too.

See you soon!
:) Janis

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  1. Lovely layouts Janis! I love the selfie!! You hair looks great! I loved seeing and ready all about this double layout. Thanks to you, I have been working on PL layouts as well. None as beautiful as yours, but I'm getting some done! lol Hugs, Brenda