Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Digi Scrapbook Page

Hi, everyone!
Remember back during the Holidays when Becky Higgins had the Project Life App on sale for 99 cents? I haven't used it much this year yet, but yesterday I played around in the app building a page. There are a few new digi card kids available for the app this week, so I did a little shopping too. The app now allows you to order prints! Love that. The Project Life Blog also posted some fun free Valentine printables. Check that out here.

Here is a page I made with just Bonnie. She's so cute.

My Girl Heart, Oval, and Map Heart all from the Love Themed Cards.
Center card from the Kraft Edition.
Notable from Project 52 Edition.

Top Row Photos:
  • One of Bonnie's favorite things to do is play her brother on XBox while talking with him through the headphones.
  • Bonnie has great company while playing with her iPad. Mary Ann is snuggled in close for a nap.
Middle Row:
  • Bonnie watercolored a painting for her sister.
  • She also likes to randomly say during the day, "picture," when she wants her picture taken and sent to her brother and sisters through text or snapchat.
Bottom Row:
  • We have a town square with a Pavillion, stage and podium. Different groups meet here and enjoy the facility. We love walking around town and stopping there for Bonnie to give her "Bonnie for Mayor" speech. Of course, it's always empty when we do that, but Bonnie doesn't care. She loves being up on stage.
  • This time Ginger is enjoying Bonnie's blanket with a nap while Bonnie plays with her iPad on a day she wanted to make a bed in the den for no other reason than she just wanted to.

The Project Life App has a $5 flat rate shipping (US) for ordering prints, so I'll probably just wait and order several at one time to make it worth the shipping cost. I'm hoping to do more "Between the Weeks" pages in my scrapbook. Layouts like:

  1. A Blast From the Past
  2. Road Trips
  3. Vacations
  4. Events
  5. Celebrations
  6. Adventure Days
Thanks for stopping by today.
:) Janis

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  1. Love, love, love!!! Bonnie is just to stinkin' cute! Hugs, Brenda