Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Photo a Day - on the wall

February 11, 2015
on the wall

I love this painting in our den. It reminds me of Hookville where we used to live that had 2 ponds.

Some other fun things I found ON THE WALL today were at our babies' vet visit.
These puppies are so cute going after that tennis ball in the water.

I loved this they have painted on the wall.  They also had a verse from Proverbs in the waiting area painted on that wall. What a great idea.

Here's a little summary of our vet visit with the babies:

Tom, Bonnie & I took Mary Ann & Ginger for their yearly check-up and shots. We went to a new place called Grace Animal Hospital and Pet Lodge. Paige was our lab tech (not sure of her official title) and Dr. Davis was the doctor that helped us. This place is amazing. It's roomy, pretty, and I loved the art on the walls and the quotes about animals painted on the walls. 

Ginger is perfect - as always. She weighed 69 lbs.

Mary Ann had some issues - as always. She weighed 60 lbs.

  1. We learned that her heart murmur is NOT gone as we were previously told by the former vet. 
  2. Dr. Davis pulled her gums up and showed us her adorable under-bite. (We didn't know she had that.) 
  3. She had a nail that was messed up and hurting her toe that got trimmed. 
  4. She has an infected left eye. Got eye drops for that.
  5. And Dr. Davis informed us of a more serious problem with Mary Ann. She has arthritis in her back legs / hip / knee. I don't remember exactly where it is, but she has some swelling in both back legs. 
Mary Ann will need surgery at some point to slow down the progression and make her feel better. We wonder how long she's had it because she doesn't jump. She waits for us to pick her up and put her on the bed, in the car, etc. The doctor said the arthritis is probably why she doesn't want to jump. All this time we just racked it up to another one of her character special needs. Poor baby. Mary Ann will be on limited Sky Patrol until she has the surgery. It's not urgent at this point. 

I tell you, Mary Ann has all the issues, but she's such a loving baby. Ginger is too. We got us some really good babies. I love them to pieces. 

The doctor said low impact exercise was best for Mary Ann - like swimming. Maybe we should move to the lake?

:) Janis

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