Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Silly Morning Walk

I thought I'd share some pics from our fun walk this morning. Bonnie loves having her picture made!

Here's a tree we found for sale outside the furniture store. :) LOL

Here's Bonnie at our Fire Department holding up the flag pole.

Bonnie is so funny. She was hugging on this tree while I took her picture and we I was done, she said to the tree, "Thank you," and gave it a kiss. Then she wiped her mouth and said, "Yuk!"

We may be a small town, but we sure do have a lot of churches. Here is one of them. I just love the look of this church. And every time I walk by it I get such a feeling of peace.

Here Bonnie wants you to know 2 things.... Obey all traffic laws and don't even think about crime around here. We're serious about keeping our little town nice and peaceful like.

Bonnie was acting like she was going to turn the water on. Silly girl!

I hope you enjoyed our walk with us around town! We walked 1.51 miles this morning. Yeah!

I'll be posting a video of our growing grandbaby in a little while.


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  1. Great photos, feel like I was right there walking with you. Bonnie looks like such a joyful, happy girl! Bet she's great company on a walk too. Thanks for giving us a chance to walk along with you.