Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Police Chase, Anyone?

Late afternoon yesterday, after Tom got home from work, I was cooking Tacos for dinner and he said he was going to go sit on the porch and see what all the excitement was about. I shall interrupt myself here to clue you in that my hearing is not all that grand. So, when he said he's going to go sit on the porch to see what all the excitement was about, I didn't have a clue what he was talking about. But he was hearing a lot of police sirens. A few minutes later he opens the front door and yells, "Janis! You gotta see this!" By the time I got to the front porch, all I saw was a police cruiser fly by our house and take a quick right turn on the road on the other side of our neighbor's. Here's the whole story: There was a man in a white car running from the police. They did a couple of laps by the house and the road one row over. The guy running took out our neighbor's mailbox to the left of us. Then he turned down the road on the other side of the neighbor to the right of us. He pulled into the yard behind our neighbor's fence, got out of the car and ran to the woods and fields behind our house. The cops followed / chased him on foot. Tom came inside and got one of his guns out and searched our back yard, shed, storage area, all the places someone could hide from the cops. The neighbors on both sides of us were doing the same in their backyards. The cops never caught the guy. But the good news is, they know who they are looking for and that he lives at his girlfriend's house which is the house behind our neighbor. Hopefully they will catch up with him and be able to take care of business soon. The stupid reason all this excitement happened..... are you ready for this..... all because the guy ran a stop sign. Can you believe that? He must have had a good reason to drive like a maniac and run from the cops.... or he's just an idiot.... oh wait..... there is no good reason to run from the cops. I would have loved to have seen a K-9 unit out here. That would have been cool! So that was our excitment yesterday afternoon. What's your latest adventure to tell?


  1. Wow! That WOULD be exciting to see in your neighborhood. Hope they catch the guy and lock him up for a while. He could have run over and killed somebody!
    How'd the taco's turn out? Love taco's!! Yum!!

  2. That's a everyday occurance here in California. We have gang shootings here where I live weekly sometimes several times a week. Young kids lilling kids,pityful...

    I love tacos and me and my husband joke that we are going to open a taco stand,and call in D'S TACOS, LOL

  3. Very little usually happens around here. I mean, you can be sitting on your front porch and see a horse and rider go by on the sidewalk. LOL But we have had the occasion for "bad" stuff to be happening on our street... it's just rare. I could not live in a place like you describe, Lizzy. I would be heartbroken and furious all at the same time. And yes, Mary, he could have easily hit someone. We have a town of walkers here all day and evening long. I mean really, our town is so small most people just walk where they need to go. Nothing is out of walking distance. And thanks for asking, the tacos were delicious. :)

  4. Sue, that's awful! Which is why I think all government programs should require a drug screening to qualify... I'm all for helping out those who need it. But I do believe there are those out there who abuse the system too. I can't imagine having neighbors like that. I would NOT be a happy camper.