Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Weight Watchers Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! How are you doing with your weight loss?  I'm hoping with warmer weather soon to be here (any time now would be nice) that I will be more active and help myself lose some weight a little faster than these last two weeks.

This past week I have fought urges to just sit and watch episode after episode of something on Netflix and binge on junk food. I DIDN'T DO THAT, but man, I sure wanted to. Please tell me that is passing phase.

To get to the point with my weight loss this past week...

203.4 Start
191.2 Monday
- 0.8 this week
- 12.2 total so far

My goal for my next weigh-in day.... I want to see those 180's!

Short and sweet today. Enjoy your week. Keep focused on your goals. See you next Wednesday.

:) Janis


  1. You're doing great, Janis! It's great you've identified what causes you to want to eat....snack. That dang TV will do it every time. Stay strong. <3Kim

  2. You are doing awesome Janis, and you will get there! TV is just one of those things that make you want to snack. lol I agree when the warmer weather comes we all will become much more active, and it will help you out with the weight loss. Come on spring!!! Hugs, Brenda

  3. Good job good job good job! I struggle with cravings to nibble as well. It is hard especially with cold weather. You are doing great!