Monday, March 22, 2010

Weekend Review

I'm going to share tons of pictures with you from our weekend adventures.  It's just barely snowing outside today.

Saturday we took a day trip along the Kenai Peninsula down to Soldotna.  SOOOO fun!

Sunday we went to a local park - Kincaid Park.  Tom, Bonnie, & I walked 4 miles!  And that wasn't even the entire trail!!  Our airport here is a very busy cargo hub, so at one section of the trail near the airport we saw cargo planes approaching for landing about every 2 minutes.  We saw lots of Moose poop, but didn't see any moose walking around.  LOL

One funny story from Sunday.... Bonnie picked up a handful of snow and asked if she could take it home.  Tom told her sure.  But then she tried to put it in her pocket, so I told her no don't do that it would melt and make her wet and cold.  So she told the snowball, "Love you too!  Bye!"  And threw it as hard as she could into the wilderness.  She is so fun!

Hope everyone is having a great Monday!



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  1. breath taking, that is why my daughter and son in law like it there so much!