Friday, March 26, 2010

Dear .... Letter

Dear Thunderfoot,

I realize you live in the apartment directly above me.  I understand that you moved in less than a month ago when the nice, elderly, retiring cardiologist moved back to the lower 48.  But do you have to thunderfoot your way around your apartment?  Are you "angry walking"? Do you just like to stomp back and forth and back and forth constantly?  Can't you get whatever it is you need and sit down for a while?

Completely NOT amused,
your downstairs, quiet neighbor

1 comment:

  1. oh life's little pleasures, they are great! let me know if the Vit-C
    works around your eyes. Me I like the Bare minerals, but I don't wear it that much, Sunday, a trip to the Dr. office, I figure the the cows do not care.
    I only have a teenager, and I can get her to turn the music down, Looks like we are at the same temp.
    Ready here for warm weather, next week maybe close tho 70*
    Carol N<><