Sunday, June 21, 2009

Exploding Box Mini Album

A while back, I made some Exploding Box Mini Albums. They are really, really fun to make and thought I share them with you today.

I made the larger size box starting out with a piece of cardstock 12 x 12. Below are the measurements I used:

Lid: 8"x 8" and scored at 2" on each side.
Box and pages: 11 5/8" square and scored at 3 7/8" all the way around.
11 1/4" square and scored at 3 3/4" all the way around.
10 7/8" square and scored at 3 5/8" all the way around.

10 1/2" square and scored at 3 1/2" all the way around.

I rounded the edges and used Tacky Glue on the lid to adhere to corners.

Simply cut away the outside 4 corners of the paper to end up with a piece of paper that looks like a cross (+). Then fold each flap in toward the center.

For complete instructions, you can watch this YouTube video and see step by step how to make this Explosion Box.

Now it's your turn! Make an Exploding Box Album, stick some pictures in there, do some journaling and then post a link to a picture of your creation!


  1. These look totally cool!! I'm pretty sure this is out of my crafting league but I like the concept!

    And love that New Moon thing on your sidebar.... Kiss Kiss Edward! (Yes...I am a 40-year-old woman but so what!)

  2. LOL! I'll be 43 in a few days, but like you said, so what!? I still LOVE the Twilight series!!!

  3. I've never made an explosion box, but always wanted to give it a try. Thanks for the great tutorial and the youtube link. I love your boxes and especially love the paper you chose!

  4. Thanks, Mary! The Youtube video really does make it look so easy. It's not nearly as complicated as I thought it would be.