Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Judging A Book Soley On It's Cover

I picked this book from the library yesterday based SOLELY ON IT'S COVER. I know, they say to never do that, but really, do they expect anyone to listen to that? Click here to check out the "Find Your Next Book Here" challenge. How fun! The book is titled, "The Lover's Path". It's an illustrated novel by Kris Waldherr. This book is so elegant. The cover art is stunning, the pages are gold leaf and shiny, the pages themselves are very thick, there is even more stunning art inside the book, and several pages have fold out pages. It reminds me of why I used to love pop-up books so much as a kid. I'll be the first to admit, I'm still a kid at heart! Just looking at the cover, I thought the book would be richly written about love and loss. After reading it, I can tell you that the book did not disappoint. Written in a style that just grabbed my attention and pulled me in, I was entranced as though the book was a letter written personally to me. I would love to own this book.


  1. gold leaf? ooooohhhh! ;)

  2. Hey, Yaya, did you know that Monday I posted your YouTube video on my facebook? I loved it!

  3. I'm so glad this ended up working out for you! It looks like a fascinating and involved book! How exciting to rediscover the excitement and joy of "pop up" books. I love the details you describe...and the fact that the writing lived up to the artwork is wonderful! Thanks for sharing! I really enjoyed this post, and it is good to know that judging a book by its cover can turn out to be a good thing! : )