Thursday, June 25, 2009

How Do You Keep Boredom at Bay?

What do you do when you're bored and you don't want to be? So many ideas rattling through this brain of mine! Here are some things my crazy self would do, will do, has done, will do again... 1) Count how many times the teenager in the room says "Like" 2) Grab a magazine laying around you are ready to toss and start ripping out the pages. No really. This is a great stress reliever. :) 3) Find a blank piece of paper and start writing a letter to your children, husband, parents, or whoever you choose. Write them a letter as if you will never see them again. Tell them all the things they mean to you. Describe why you're glad they are in your life. Fold the letter and stick it in their babybook, your wedding album, with your important papers, etc. One day, it will be found. And it will be very much appreciated! 4) Write a poem... in your head. Don't write any of it down until you've finished. You'll really have to concentrate to remember each line this way. And yes, this poem HAS to rhyme. 5) Use the alphabet!! a) name an animal for every letter b) name a food for every letter c) name a movie you've seen for every letter d) name a place you've been for every letter e) pick a girl name for every letter f) pick a boy name for every letter (Yes, I've done all these and more during the night when sleep flees me.) What else? Comment with some of your own ideas! Want to play along with Prompts? 


  1. I really like idea number 3. I think I may just do that next time I'm bored

  2. I love to write, so I tend to write lots of letters to my children and stick them in their baby books. :)