Friday, June 12, 2009

Porch Priming Done!

We got the porch all primed and ready for the paint! We'll do that tonight. It was so nice and cool yesterday evening when we were painting, and the breeze was just heavenly. I checked the outside thermometer and it registered at 80 degrees. That's a big difference from during the day when it was in the 90's!

Once again, the thunder boomed and a list mist fell enough to cover the ground, but really no rain. How disappointing. I love the sound of rain.

I'll post some crafts in a little while. Thanks for all the comments you leave! I love them! Don't forget to subscribe to my blog!


  1. Janis, I will be over on Sunday for a glass of sweet tea, I hope the porch will be ready by then...;)

  2. I'll be there least in thought! It's going to be a great porch! Wish I could send you some of this rain we've been having. We're getting buckets!