Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Front Porch Screening

Living in our tiny little farm town comes with it's advantages such as EVERYTHING is within walking distance. Literally. Not to mention the quiet evenings, the train we love to hear passing by, neighbors walking down the sidewalks and riding their bikes...

It also comes with it's disadvantages like flies galore who adore all the manure on the farms so close by. It's been hard to sit out on our porch recently and read or cook on the grill without spending most of your time swatting at flies or trying to ignore them... which is impossible. I think we swatted at least 20 flies the other night and it didn't even put a dent in our misery.

Therefore, we decided it would be a fantastic idea to screen in our front porch. My husband, Tom, started the framing last night. He'll finish that tonight. Tomorrow we'll prime it. Friday we'll paint it. And Saturday up goes the screen! Yeah! I can't wait.

Here are some progress photos. Fun, fun, fun! Always an adventure of some kind at our house!!


  1. That's so awesome Janis, my husband doesn't do that stuff. He's too glued to the TV.
    We live in a big city ,population 500,000 plus and still can't sit out because of the flies. It seems worse these last few years.
    That porch is going to be such a blessing to you and your family,enjoy!

  2. The population of our little town (and I just Googled it) is a wapping 779! LOL
    I'd hate not being able to sit outside everyday.

  3. I loved hearing about the sights and sounds in your small town Janis. I live in a small town too, but our population is more than yours. I'll have to google it too and find out exactly what it is. I lived in Greenville, SC many years ago and loved how friendly the people were. I have lots of good memories from my time there. I still have some good friends in Spartanburg and Summerville. Your screened in porch is going to be so nice. I'm envious, as we only have a deck and not a porch. Enjoy it and have a glass of tea for me while you're out there!

  4. I love all the comments you guys leave me! I will most definitely have a class of sweet iced tea on the porch and toast to you, Mary! Lizzy, I hate you guys are fighting the flies too. They are so annoying!