Monday, June 15, 2009

Happy Monday!

Our screened in porch is finished! How wonderful it is to sit outside and grill, read, talk, swing and NOT having to swat at flies and mosquitoes constantly!

I made a butterfly card this morning using some of our screen scraps. I cut out the butterflies using Cricut Cartridge Walk In My Garden (blackout feature). The card is very rough right now. It needs some more finishing touches, but I think you'll get the idea from the photo.

I also made a 4th of July card. I cut out 1 inch squares using Cricut Cartridge Plantin Schoolbook for the tablecloth. I cut out ovals with that cartridge too, then cut them in half for the watermelon. I just drew in the ants. The sky is plain so I'm still brainstorming how to make that look a little better.

Thanks for all the comments over the weekend! I have a lot of catching up to do with all you guys! Have a fun day!!


  1. Now, that is so darn cute. How clever! I bet it is nice not having to deal with all those nasty flies.

  2. How cute and I love the little ants! Glad to hear your porch is finished and you are already enjoying it. Did you have that sweet tea for Lizzy and me?

  3. LOL! Yes, I did in fact have a glass of sweet iced tea and made a toast to my blogger friends, Lizzy & Mary, while on the porch. My husband laughed about that. I told him I had a California friend here in spirit and Mary too... didn't know where to say you were from, Mary.

  4. Janis, I'm from the beautiful Bluegrass state of Kentucky! I was actually born in VA, but came to Ky by way of NC, England, TX, IL, AL and SC. Phew! Wears me out just typing it, LOL!