Friday, April 2, 2010

Pretty Spring Flowers

Look at my sister's pretty flowers.  She and Mama love working in the yard.  

I'm working on some cards right now.  I'll be back later to upload them.

I had to get fasting blood drawn this morning.  Whenever I don't eat on a regular time schedule, I get a headache.  It started at 9am this morning, and it's still throbbing.  Uggghh.  I'm trying to ignore it.  So far that tactic isn't working out for me.  Maybe the 4 Advil and 1 migraine pill will do the trick?  Hmmm, since I took that an hour ago, it hasn't helped yet.  Shouldn't it be kicking in by now?

OH, and if you weren't emailed about it already, Joann's has all their Cricut carts on sale for $39.99.  I want to get Everyday Paper Dolls and Give A Hoot, but Give A Hoot isn't out yet.  Darn it.  It takes way too long between teasing us with carts "coming soon" and the actual release date.  Or it could just be that I'm impatient.  Oh yeah, that sounds more like it to me.

What is your yard growing these days?

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    Have you tried the above... they have edpd for 35.99 plus free shipping anything over 34.99
    you might want to see if it is in stock first, it can take awhile if it is not... hope this helps. also have other great sites if you would like to know...hope you are feeling better,