Saturday, April 3, 2010

DCWV New Paper Stacks!

I went to Joanns and bought 2 DCWV paper stacks.

They both say Flower Shower Spring Stack, but one is a Premium Stack with 1/2 gilitter.  There are 48 sheets of 12x12 cardstock (2 of each design). And the other is 180 sheets of 12x12 printed paper (not cardstock) 3 of each design.
(I don't know why it's sideways - it's not sideways in my image files.  Computers - uggh!)

Both of these stacks were ringing up for $23.99.  Um, NO!  I had the Joann's sales flyer with me that said all DCWV Premium Stacks were $9.99, so the glitter cardstock one was manually inputed at the register for $9.99.  (I'm telling you, you HAVE to pay attention when they ring up your purchases!)  The other stack did not say Premium Stack on it, so I used my 40% off coupon for that one.

I had extra coupons so I offered them to the lady in line in front of me and the lady behind me.  They were both very happy about that.  Made me feel good to make at least 2 ladies smile today.
(I really don't know why some of these pictures are posting upside down.  They are not that way in my image file.  But let's just go with it, okay?)

I took some pictures with my cell phone of the pages that brought out a really big smile from me, although all of them are terrific.  I can't wait to use them!  A couple of the pictures are blurry because I was too close, but I still think you get the idea.  I was either trying to show the pattern or the glitter.

What paper are you playing with today?

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  1. My Joanns wouldn't give them to me for the sale price that said all premiums but those were on sale! ugh!