Thursday, April 8, 2010

Free Crochet Books - If You Want Them!

I have tons of Crochet books that need to go.  So I was laying in bed this morning when sleep was evading me thinking what can I do other than throw them away.  I could NEVER just toss something.  That's crazy.  There must be someone out there who wants these books.  I've loved them for years.

Hmmmm, I could give them to the local library.

I could donate them to Salvation Army.

Or I could list them on my blog and see if any of you creative darlings want them.

I don't want to sell them, but I don't want it to cost me money to give them away either.

So here's what I was thinking.... if any of you wonderfully creative people would like to have any or all of these books, I'll be happy to ship / mail them to you.  I only ask that you send me the postage so it won't cost me anything to give them away.

If you'll send me a postage label and address (or an envelope already addressed with postage attached), I'll stuff them in there and get them out the door to you immediately.

What do you think?  Is there a better way to do this?  I'm up for suggestions.

I went through the stack and wrote down the title and ISBNs for anyone who wants to look them up on amazon.

There are 2 groups below - those with ISBNs are softback books.

Those without ISBNs are Leaflets.

If you need more details or specific info on a particular one, don't hesitate to ask.

Here are the soft cover books (all Leisure Arts):

  • 0-942237-90-0     Afghans on the Double
  • 1-57486-045-3     A Year of Afghans Book 2
  • 1-57486-049-6     A Year of Afghans
  • 0-8487-1418-0     Country Afghans The Vannessa-Ann Collection
  • 0-942237-24-2     Afghans For All Seasons
  • 1-57486-053-4     Home Sweet Home Afghans
  • 1-57486-213-8     Afghans For All Seasons Book 2
  • 1-57486-117-4     A Year of Afghans Book 3
  • 0-942237-63-3     Creative Crochet
  • 0-942237-24-2     Afghans For All Seasons
  • 1-57486-200-6     Crochet With Red Heart Best Loved Afghans
  • 0-8487-1513-6     Red Heart Afghans & Crochet Classics
  • 0-942237-48-X    Quick & Cozy Afghans
  • 1-57486-042-9     Our Best Baby Afghans
  • 1-57486-127-1     A Year of Afghans Book 4
  • 1-57486-153-0     Contest Favorites 40 Afghans to Crochet
  • 1-57486-135-2     Vanna's Favorite Gift Afghans
  • 0-8487-1460-1     Herrschners Blue-Ribbon Afghans
  • 0-942237-55-2     Crochet Collection
  • 0-8487-1602-7     Vanna's Afghans All Through the House
  • 1-57486-021-6     In Love With Crochet
  • (mini book) Red Heart Fiesta Afghans & Apparel Fiesta Fun
  • A Year of Afghans Book 2 (Leaflet 2131)
  • Old-Timey Scrap Afghans
  • Contest Winners Mile-A-Minute Afghans
  • A Year of Afghans Book 12
  • A Year of Aghans Book 9
  • Royal Ripples
  • Our Best Afghans A - Z
  • Afghans by the Day Patchwork Afghans Through the Year (Leaflet #2866)
  • A Year of Afghans Book 13
  • Snuggle Squares
  • In The Bag
  • Variated In Vogue
  • Easy Tunisian Crochet Handbags & Totes
  • Rippling Effects
  • A Year of Q-Hook Afghans Book 2
  • Decorate with Afghans
  • 63 Easy to Crochet Pattern Stitches
  • Patchwork Patterns
  • To Grandmother's House We Go (Leaflet #2940)
  • A Year of Afghans Book 11
  • I Can't Believe I'm Crocheting (Leaflet #2738)
  • Varigated Rugs To Crochet
  • Victorian Beauties
Happy shopping.

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