Thursday, April 29, 2010

47 More Sunshines

OK, so I know I was MIA yesterday (missing in action).

As many of you know, our youngest daughter, Bonnie, is a Special Needs child.  She has not grasped the concept of today, tomorrow, yesterday, in an hour, in 2 hours, this afternoon, etc.  However, she has completely grasped the concept of "sunshine" which she uses to describe tomorrow.

We are moving from Alaska to South Caroline in June.  One of our others daughters is flying up here the week before to visit and take the ride back to the lower 48 with us.  She's never been to Alaska so she is excited.  And Bonnie misses her and her other sister and brother so much, so she's thrilled Kati is coming!

We told Bonnie about moving and Kati coming to visit, but she really doesn't understand when it is.

So yesterday, Bonnie and I made a
  "SUNSHINES UNTIL..." chart.

I printed out blank calendars as large as I could make the boxes for each day on legal paper.  The I cut out 50 sunshines from the GIVE A HOOT Cricut Cartridge.

((By the way, if you put 12"x12" paper in the Cricut, select "AUTO FILL", and tell it to cut the GIVE A HOOT sunshines at 2", it will cut 25 of them on that paper.))

With a black Sharpie, I wrote numbers on each sunshine 1 - 50.

We taped an April calendar to the refrigerator, crossed off all the days that have already passed, and I let her glue the Sunshine #48 on yesterday's block.

She had so much fun doing this.  I'm not sure she quite understands yet because she can't think really past tomorrow's sunshine, but we'll keep counting down the days until we move on the calendar like this.

Hey, she's enjoying it, and it's helping her with her numbers.

Now, for your viewing pleasure..... here's out little sweetheart, Bonnie.  So stinkin' cute!


  1. what a wonderful idea...praying for your daddy

  2. Your daughter looks like sunshine herself:) What a great idea to do with your recent CAC cards...Praying for you!

  3. Thanks for your prayers and your comments. We should hear some news about daddy late this week.