Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Where do you get your inspiration from?

I have been pouring over a blog called "A Place For My Cards".  Yesterday, I made a birthday card for my Mama who is going to be 69 this weekend.  I got my card inspiration from "A Place For My Cards" from a card she had created.  Click here to see the card she made that inspired me.  Here is my creation:
There's a lot more to this card than what I would normally do, but I just love the way it turned out.  In a little while (when my hubby is through napping), I'll get my Cricut cartridges out and start making some more cards that are inspired by "A Place For My Cards".  I just love her work.

There are so many great blogs out there that provide me with inspiration.  I usually don't have every thing they used to make their creation, but I do love to be inspired and get my creative juices flowing.... one idea leading to another.


My friend's house on Lake Murray, SC
Look at all that pollen.  That's just a sneeze waiting to happen.  LOL
Our view in Alaska

Our South Carolina family and friends are experiencing the "yellow dusting" and temperatures in the 90's this week.  Ouch.  This is our first April in Alaska and this morning we were having snow showers.  I will readily admit, I much prefer this weather here than 90 degrees there.  :)


We are all enjoying our new Wii Fit!!!  Oh my gosh!  I'm so proud of Bonnie!  She is doing a great job with it.  She gets unsteady with her balance at times, but it is so good for her to practice this.  I think I'll try some Yoga on it today.  Although I do really like the Step aerobics they have on there.  (Brings me back to my cheerleading days.)  And you should have seen me doing the Kung Fu!  hahahahaha  I was messing up so bad.  Me, Tom, and Bonnie were all laughing at me.  Hey, at least I'm burning calories and enjoying it too, right?


Would someone please contact our local library and give them funding to stock a complete library of Cricut Cartridges that can be checked out for 2 weeks at a time?  K?  Thanks.  :)

Question:  What size bed do you sleep in?  King?  Queen?  Double?  Twin?  
My husband and I are currently in a King size bed.  That's all we've ever had for the 23 years we've been married.  Now we are considering getting a new bed, so we are wondering if we should get a different size as well.  Now, I'm all for snuggling, but I want my space when I sleep.  I'm wondering if a smaller size bed will cause "space" issues?  LOL  Just curious as to what size you guys have and your opinion on that size.
Also, anyone have the Sleep Number bed or Posturepedic, etc?  Give me some opinions.  What do you like?  What do you hate?  

I think I've rambled on enough for now.  Tom is up from his nap, so time to get out the Cricut and PLAY!

What are you playing with today?

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  1. What an amazing idea about libraries stocking Cricut cartridges! Hey, we can dream, right! ;)