Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Weight Watchers Wednesdays is BACK!

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I've had a good week getting back on track with Weight Watchers. No Coke since last week. SHOCKER! In fact, I've had nothing to drink except plain water or water with Crystal Lite Powders. ( 0 points ) My fav is the Peach Tea. Add to that, no daily chocolate. SHAZAM! Tom & I went to get groceries together. No junk food. No poptarts which is my fav for breakfast. But I will say that I did continue poptarts for breakfast last year with WW and it's perfectly fine as long as you count the points. There are better choices, but you don't ever want to deny yourself something you are really craving, because then you feel deprived, and then you binge. Never a good thing. So eat what you want, just remember....

If you bite it; write it.

Bonnie is also doing really well on the Weight Watchers plan. She's been having meal replacement shakes for lunch, and she's not complained at all. The hardest thing for her is we ran out of sweet cereal and didn't buy any more. That's a huge change for her, but she's doing really well. I'm so proud of her.

Weight Watchers idea for Planner Nerds (like me)

I stumbled across this PERFECT print and cut in the Silhouette store! It's going to be awesome in my Planner for my Weight Watchers tracking.

So..... still haven't found our scale. I'm beginning to wonder if it actually made the move with us. We were crazy downsizing. Nah. It's probably in the garage somewhere with something I didn't need to unpack yet. 

Did I tell you that Bonnie & I ordered a bunch of stuff from the Weight Watcher's online store? I went ahead and added a scale to the order, but we are also expecting some snacks, shakes and that sort of thing. It hasn't shipped yet, and I ordered last week. Sigh. I'm so impatient.


I want to make sure I say a BIG thank you to everyone who has used the 
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Since I haven't weighed in yet (due to lack of scale), I'm going to move on now and share my June Title page with you for my scrapbook.

Project Life June Title Page

I know... July is almost here, and I'm just now creating my June Title page for my scrapbook. I have been putting in pictures during the month, I just saved a place for the title page. Here it is!

Mrs. Grossman's flower stickers
Project Life die for bracket on 3x4 card
Everything is else from the Silhouette Store. Here's the links to those:

June - ZP Jack and the Beanstalk font
Heart Summer Phrase
Girl Reading Book Silhouette

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Sharon said...

I'm proud of you and Bonnie Janis!! No chocolate nor coke?! That's fabulous!!!
Love your title scrapbook page. :)