Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Weight Watchers Wednesday

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Good morning, everyone! How did you do last week? Did you track your drinking water, food, exercise? It's eye-opening to write down everything as in every thing and see exactly what you are consuming. 

  • We received our Weight Watchers order and scale! Woo-Hoo! 
  • Tom bought me a Fitbit last week. I love it! It syncs to my Weight Watchers account auto-magically.
  • With Kati and Laney visiting us last Wed through Monday, we were really busy doing touristy stuff with lots of walking. My Fitbit loved that.

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Weight Loss Update

203.4 Start
179.9 on Sat, June 25
-23.5 Total Loss

Here's a handy chart for you to help with portion control.

Looks like it's a short post for today.
Today is a new day. You are doing a GREAT job! Yay you!

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June Stamp of the Month

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