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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Weight Watchers 2016

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Hi, everyone!  You guys may not remember, but I joined Weight Watchers in January of 2015, and had lost about 35 pounds. I was really happy with the results and stayed loyal to the program.... until around Oct. Then my tracking got slack, the weigh in days got skipped. That sort of thing. 

Join me at Weight Watchers HERE

Weight Watchers is always on my mind, but in a guilt sort of way since I'm not following the program. However, I still have an active account and it's time to get back into the WW routine. Gail commented on one of my blog posts recently asking if I was still doing it. Gail, this answer is YES... starting right now.  I placed an order at the online WW store for some shakes, snacks, new scale (I haven't weighed myself all year, and don't even know where the scale is since our move!) I'm hopeful that although I'm sure I've put some weight back on, I don't think I'm as big as I was when I started last year., because I'm still wearing a smaller size pants. :) So there's that. But my situation could be better. And it will be. Thanks for the encouragement, Gail, even if your question wasn't meant to motivate me, it did.

Join me at Weight Watchers HERE

Until my new scale comes in, I have no way of knowing what I weigh right now, and I'm a little scared to find out. BUT, when I get it, I will be doing a regular post again on a weekly basis for our Weight Watchers journey.

Join me at Weight Watchers HERE

I would LOVE for anyone else interested in joining me in this journey, to please click the link above.

ALSO, please leave comments and share your story with us.  Don't share anything you are not comfortable being public, but take a chance and share your story, or your daily achievement, or struggle, or whatever. Sometimes just saying something out loud makes it real, and makes the problem not so big, while making the achievement (like NOT grabbing that Hershey kiss and tossing it into your mouth as you walk by the chocolate dish) a great way to pat yourself on the back! Not to mention talking with someone else who is also doing WW makes us accountable to each other. That's good motivation!

See you all tomorrow. Click here to 

Join me at Weight Watchers HERE

We can do this! We know we can. And we will. Baby steps. 
Change one thing about how you live tomorrow.
Skip the sweet tea and have water.
Drink a Diet Coke (0 WW points) instead of a Cocoa-Cola (9 points for 12 oz).
Take a little walk around the block.
No one is asking us to starve or run a marathon tomorrow.
Baby steps. You'll be glad you started the journey.
Or in my case, got back on the right track.

Big hugs, everyone!
We got this!

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Join me at Weight Watchers HERE

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