Wednesday, May 12, 2010


My bloggy friend, Janet, has great artsy blogs.  I love to look at her art journal to see what she has done next.  Always different and unique.  She's very artistic.

I just saw this post on her Art Journal blog and she had linked over to her other blog telling the story behind the art.  It's awesome!

Please go give her ARTSY SHOE PAINT a looksie.  What a talented lady you are, Janet!

And click here to visit her ARTOPIA blog.

And that's why we call this WACKY WEDNESDAY!  Because by this time in the week, you really need to do something totaly wacky, off the wall, unexpected.... to get your energy a boost and outlook on life a boost.  Janet has truly embraced this Wacky Wednesday concept!



P.S.  I'll be back later on today with some ATC samples to rev up your creativity for our first challenge!


  1. Thanks, Janis!! These were so much fun to do. I just wore them out to run some errands and got all kinds of stares and comments!

  2. PRETTY, They remind me of those awesome eggs that you use thin lines of wax to draw on then melt all the wax off...