Saturday, May 22, 2010


I bet you thought I wasn't going to post anything today, didn't you?  We had some family matters to take care of today, so I'm just now getting out my paper to play.

We are moving middle of next month, and I'm on a mission to use up my scraps by then. (Hey, it's a goal.  Goals are not set to be shattered.  They're set to motivate toward action.  In other words, I like playing with my new paper too, so everything I do won't be ALL scraps.  LOL)

Here are the scraps I pulled out for this project:

And here's the card I made:

But let's not stop there.  After all, I have this new Martha Stewart Scoring Board my WONDERFUL hubby just bought me.  Let's make an envelope to match this card!

But let's not make a regular ole envelope.  Let's make one that opens on the end for the card to pull out of:

How much fun are we having?!  LOTS!  

I've been using TACKY GLUE to seal my envelopes.  I don't have one of those fancy ATG tape guns, but the Tacky Glue works GREAT for this! 

I hope everyone had a FABULOUS Friday and has a FUN weekend planned!!

See you tomorrow!!!!

Smiles,  Janis

P.S.  You still have time to enter a BOOKMARK for PDE Challenge #2 which ends Sunday night!  Jump right in!


  1. Cute card, cute envelope!
    I want to make a bookmark for the challenge...but do not know how to upload it...I know how to take a picture and email it...but how do I get a picture on a blog? I am new to scrapbooking...
    Sheree Burress

  2. Moving? I thought you just moved to Alaska??? one thing about marrying a farmer, you stay put, been here almost 34 years and lots of work on this old house..
    good luck on your mission!.

  3. fabulous job Janis! I love both of the card and envelope of course!