Sunday, July 26, 2009

Table Rock

Hi, guys! I've been away on a little mini-vacation. My husband, Tom, and I went to Table Rock with our daughter, Bonnie. We shared a campsite with Tom's brother and his wife.

We camped in tents and our days were great! The nights though... well.... let's just say the Cicada Bugs were LOUD! And it was so cool at night in a tent that was a tad bit too small for our comfort. But overall, we are so glad we went!

The above pic is Tom and our special needs daughter, Bonnie. She has a little trouble walking long distances and some issues with balance, so we took just a short hike Saturday morning. She enjoyed watching the river and climbing on the rocks. Tom held her hand the whole time to help with her balance. I think he was more worn out than anyone just from saving Bonnie so many times from falling over tree roots sticking up in the path and walking across stone paths through water. At some points the path was so narrow, we had to stand aside to let others pass us. (We go very slow.)
This is Tom's brother, Bill, and his wife Donna. LOVE them!! They are so fun to hang out with!

These pictures were taken with my iPhone, so I know the quality is not that great. Above you can sort of see Table Rock in the distance. I wish I could have zoomed in a little.

My husband is very active, very fit, very into eating right and taking care of your body. He loves physical challenges, and decided that Saturday he was going to hike up to the top of Table Rock. The rest of us stayed at the campsite and enjoyed pics he'd send as updates. The above pic he took himself with his iPhone. I told him he looked scared like he'd just seen a bear. :) LOL He said he was tired.

At one point, there was a rattlesnake crossing his path. He got a pic of that too, but it's on his phone and I haven't uploaded it yet. I'll post it later. I'm glad I didn't see any snakes! My scream would have been heard throughout North Carolina and South Carolina!

Overall, the company was great, the food was yummy, the weather was PERFECT, and it was so nice to get away for a while. We didn't have cell phone coverage most of the time, so that was nice too. :)

Hopefully, I'll get some pics printed and work on creating some scrapbook pages. And as always, whenever we go camping, I make a family newsletter of our stories and experiences. I need to work on that too tomorrow.

Have a great evening.


  1. WOW! these are beautiful janis!! Oh man...makes me long for the awesome vacations we used to take every year to the mtns of NC and TN. SO lovely up there!! Looks like you all had a blast!!! I'm so glad! Hope your having a great sunday. :P

  2. Beautiful's nice to get away and just breath the fresh air!!
    Good to see ya back though.

  3. It sure sounds like you all had a great time! What a pretty area to camp at! Glad things went well!