Thursday, July 2, 2009

Not Me!

This post will be a little different today. My hubby is home and we are working on our house renovation, so I may not get to crafting and posting a card. :(

MamaKat had some wonderful writing prompts for this week. Skip over there and check out her blog... she's awesome!

Tracy used one of these prompts on her blog (so funny - you must go read it for a good laugh).

I enjoyed it so much I decided to do my own "NOT ME" post this morning.. really quick before Tom sends out a search team looking for me MIA not helping with house renovation.

1. I would NEVER start blogging and having a fun, relaxing time catching up with all my bloggy friends and stumbling upon new ones when our house has been in reconstruction mode for months. We are only free to work on it on the weekends and then not even all of them. The couch in the den needs to be moved away from that half wall that separates it from the kitchen so that Tom can replace that part of the floor. A good wife would help her husband and not hold up progress. Would I sit on the computer then creating a new post? Not me.

2. Ooopsie... the jig is up... I hear my name being called. I would never squeeze in a few more words before I log out. Not me. :)

Gotta run... more later.... hopefully. :)


Tracy P. said...

Ooh, I would never procrastinate on a big job. I totally do not find a hundred other things to do when the big one is calling my name. Not me!!

Great job--hope you can get to the rest soon. ;-)

Susie M. said...

Hahahahahaha....I've done this before too. Boy...renovations huh? just the SOUND of that word makes me tired...LOL