Friday, July 31, 2009

Happy Friday!

Are you all doing your Friday dance? We are!

Bonnie has been so very good in the mornings for our walks. Today we walked another 1.51 miles. That brings our weekly total to 5.12 miles!! Yeah!!

This morning she decided to bring along her dog. She has lots of stuffed animals, but 2 that are her favorites and stay on her bed with her at night. One is "dog" that she has on her shoulders here. The other is a lion she calls "King".

Bonnie is so precious. I don't know if I told you or not, but she had a mole removed Wednesday from her foot. It's healing pretty well, but it is bothering her a little today and was a little last night too. Hopefully keeping her socks on will help it to heal faster and keep the temptation away from her to pick at it.

In other news...

I'm still staying within my Weight Watchers points for the day. Very happy I've been able to keep a handle on my eating. I'm even making wiser choices. Although this morning I decided I needed a treat. I haven't had any chocolate or cookies or "junk" food in a couple of weeks (that's a first for me). I bought a cookie at the gas station this morning on our walk. I decided I had the points to use and a treat would be nice today.

I must say... I haven't had sugar in so long (feels like forever), that I couldn't take more than 4 small bites of this cookie. It's good, don't get me wrong, but way sweet. I've also discovered that without adding sugar to my foods for this long, even fresh fruit tastes so much sweeter than I remember. I had pineapple yesterday and couldn't believe how sweet and good it was.

So I put the rest of the cookie (more than half left) in a zippie and maybe have some of it again tomorrow.

Moving on to crafting notes...

I'm going to try to make Bonnie an alphabet mini book. Anyone ever made one of these before? Have any ideas for me? I'd love to see a link to your creation and hear your thoughts.

Have a blessed day!


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