Tuesday, October 5, 2010


If the video says PRIVATE, it just means I've scheduled this to post on Tuesday and I haven't changed the video settings to PUBLIC yet.  Check back in a little while.  I'll be up soon.  :)
Oh my gosh!  The MEOW Cricut Lite cart is so fun!!
Here is my 52Q Mini Me Book page for Week 10. Can you believe we are already on week 10?!  If you are just joining us or need to catch up, CLICK HERE.  You can see all the previous weeks' questions.  There is a link under the blog header you can always click on to catch up on the questions or to find out what exactly 52Q is all about.  

My page uses a Purple A2 size card sealed on the top and bottom leaving side open to slip in a tag with my answer to the question.

OH!  I haven't told you this week's question yet!  Here it is, "WHAT IS THE SILLIEST MISADVENTURE YOUR PET HAS EVER GOTTEN ITSELF INTO?"  If you don't have a pet, never had a pet.... just use a pet story you've heard.

Kitty on clothesline is from Cricut Lite MEOW cut @ 3"
Grass and Suns from GIVE A HOOT
Grass page 65 cut @ 1 1/4"
Suns page 64 cut @ 2"
Easy Peasey.  LOVE IT!
Click the blue button below to submit your page!  Can't wait to see what you come up with!  

:) Janis

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  1. I love this mini book idea! I will catch up when I get my cricut back :) And thanks so much for offering to send me cricut cuts till then! It was soo sweet of you and I really appreciate it. Love your blog and your style of work, I'll be back often!