Sunday, January 24, 2010

Question about Vinyl

Can anyone please tell me where they purchase their vinyl to cut with the Cricut?  I remember Robyn over at recommending a place she said had the best prices, but I can't find that post on her blog. 

My husband wants me to cut something for his truck window.  I've never cut vinyl before and don't even know if there is an "all weather" kind or if it's all the same.

Please give this girl some info from your experience. 



  1. Hey Janis! I buy mine at - They have a pretty good deal on vinyl, and they often have a discount coupon...right now it is CHA20

    I think my youtube channel is 17lisap...hahaha....that is what it says when i go to it anyway.

    Cuts are in the mail!

  2. I got some from a sign company - I got their scrap pieces.

  3. Wow - you can get their scrap pieces? That's cool. Better than buying 10 yards of the stuff for just a little bit. I've never used it before, and I haven't bought any yet. My husband wants the Alaskan flag to put on the back window of his truck. Not huge or anything. But neither one of us know if it's all weather proof. I sent an email to SignWarehouse and they recommended 2 different types for that, but then in the description it says light to medium outdoor use which made my husband think it wouldn't work or wouldn't last long.

  4. You could always cut it on the flip and put it inside. I think....?

  5. Hi from Kenai!

    Here's 1 of Robyn's videos that has vinyl on it.

  6. Hi from Kenai!
    Robyn gets her vinyl from signwarehouse dot com.