Monday, January 4, 2010

Mini Book Series #3: Celebrations!

I can't wait to see your link in the comment section taking us to your Mini Book Series Pages!!

This week we are on page 3 with the theme: CELEBRATIONS!

Decorate your page in any way you want with whatever you think of when you think of Celebrations.

On the inside tab, tag, or page you can:
  • include a photo of your New Year's Eve Celebration
  • a list of everyone's birthday and anniversary for this year for at a glance reference of what you will be celebrating for who and when
  • or you can journal about a celebration that you'll never forget
  • or whatever you want to do with this idea!
This is fun! I can't wait to see your pages!  Don't forget to leave a link in the comment section.

For more detailed information of how we made our Mini Book, please see the column to the right and you can click on each page we've done together.

Hugs!  Janis

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