Friday, January 22, 2010

Fun Colors!

I actually drove in the ice and snow today to go off for a while by myself.  I went to the library, the post office, Michael's and Joann's.  So much fun!  Look at all these beautiful, bright colors!

I had a 50% off coupon for Michael's and for Joanns.  Yeah!  At Michael's everything I bought was on sale except one item and it was only $2.  LOL  I had actually picked up a tin of Prima flowers which were $9 and thought I'd use the coupon for that, but they rang up on sale for $5.45.  I've been wanting flowers for so long and have never bought them, so I'm super excited about using them.

At Joann's I got lots of ribbon that was on sale for $1 and $1.49.  Plus I got some glass marbles I'm going to try to use on my cards if they aren't too heavy.  I guess we'll find out about that soon enough.  :)

Have fun playing today!  I have to get the dishes washed and clothes done before I feel like I can play with any of my new goodies. I hope everyone has a fun weekend!  Hugs!  Janis


  1. Pretty colors! I went to Joann's today, too but I only bought one stamp and some gel pens. They had so many items on sale. But I was good!

  2. ohhhhh i am sooooo jealous of this stack of paper and ribbon!

  3. :) I just love these colors! I can't wait to break open the plastic and use them. :)

    I hardly EVER go shopping, so it was a ton of fun for me to get some new things.

  4. I went to Michael's and Joanns Saturday as well, armed with 40% and 50% off coupons. The only things that were not on sale were like $2 like you said. Frustrating but still most of the sales were already 40% off. I had fun and got some great buys. Ü

  5. LvPoohBr2 - awesome! I went in search of Cricut 12x12 mats yesterday. Michael's - out of that size. Joann's - out. Fred Meyer - out. What's up with that? I ended up ordering one from Custom Crops last night along with the Glue Glider Pro - can't wait to try that out. I've been wanting an ATC gun forever, but didn't have that kind of dough. So I was thrilled to see this new thingy at Custom Crops. Hope it works well and the adhesive last longer than the little mini guns you get at the stores.