Monday, January 18, 2010

Craft Books & Weekend Fun

Hello all my bloggy friends!  Did you guys have a fun weekend?  We did!  No, I didn't get my hair cut yet.... I'm making an appointment for Saturday, so I'll post pictures after to see how much I end up getting cut off.

Thank you for the responses on the free crochet books.  I was able to send out quite a few.  There are still some left if anyone else is interested.... just scroll down to a previous post and let me know which books you want and also giving me your email so I can contact you for your address.

I have a few more books if anyone would like them.  Here are pics of them:

We had funs days Saturday and Sunday.  We went to a giant furniture store and daydreamed... 

And we had lunch at Red Robin which none of us had ever been to.  Bonnie had a cheeseburger, Tom had a 5 Alarm burger but said it was only about 1/2 an alarm (he loves hot / spicy food), and I had a Teriyaki burger with pineapple slices and cheese.  Oh my gosh it was delicious!!

AND... Tom took us to a fun gift shop with a 20-foot high chocolate fountain.  Yes,  you heard me right, 20 feet high!  I had to take 2 pictures to get it all and they are a little blurry, but here you go:

This is the outside of that store and then some more fun pics from inside:

Then we rode out to the Eagle River side of Anchorage.  We explored up the mountain, caught some beautiful scenery, and enjoyed watching some people ski down the mountain.  That big, tall, white mountain picture below.... that's the ski mountain.  And yes, those little black dots on the side of the mountain are people skiing even though they just look like specs.  That mountain was HUGE!

Have a fun day!  I hope to get some crafting done at some point today, but I'm being a good girl and getting the wash and cleaning done first. :)  Toodles!  Janis


  1. Wow Janis you live is a great area. Love the scenery and the majesty of the mountains. I probably would have dived into the 20 feet of chocolate! LOL. I'm a little late, but I'm starting your Mini Book Series #3. Been cutting your embellishments. I've been sticking with the Gypsy carts because I don't know which carts you already have.
    Don't work to hard.

  2. Sue! It's so good to be chatting with you! That's funny you should mention about diving into the chocolate fountain, I don't know if you can see it on the photo, but there is actually a sign that says, "No Swimming or Diving". LOL

    I don't have very many carts at all. I have Walk In My Garden, Plantin SchoolBook, From My Kitchen and 2 solutions carts - Indie Art and Home Accents.

    I'm thrilled you are starting the Mini Book Series!! I hope to get #5 up tomorrow. It started out as a Monday post, but last week and now this week, it will be a Tuesday post.

    Have a Fabulous day!

  3. OMG!....20 feet of chocolate! I would be in serious trouble!! We have a Red Robin about a mile or so from our home. We like having lunch there from time to time.

    Looks like your family had a fun weekend.

  4. Janis are those paper doll piecing books?

  5. Yes, they are paper piecing doll books. They also show you how to fold paper into ties, shirts, dresses, etc.

  6. Well, gee those sound really neat. If no one else would like them, I would. How is the "mom to be" doing? I think I read she (Kati?)is due shortly. Do they know if it will be a girl or boy? I ask because I was using my Gypsy to design some baby things for you and I was wondering what colors you wanted. I can do all neutrals if you want. The Gypsy Wanderings cart has some really great baby items. Plus there's plenty in Wild Card also. I'm having so much fun doing things to send you! I will probably send them out next week.

  7. Janet... yes, the chocolate looked so tempting! Sue, if I don't hear from anyone else by the time I mail your other books (which I haven't done yet - sorry), I'll send them on to you! Keri is doing great! She is having a boy. His name will be Kevin. Well, that's his middle name and what they are going to call him. I'm excited about the cuts. :)